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BONEWORKS - Sandbox Easy Weapon Guide

Created by thatonethingpersonboy   ::   Dec 11, 2019    


This is a guide to get almost all weapons in sand box in only 1 level and really easily.

Step #1

Okay so open the museuim level and get the mallet from the glas breaking erea, then get to the Reclaim Bin then move to the next door but do not go through the lazer or the door.

Step #2

Get a garbage bin an put it under the door, use 2 just in case. then grab the seat and move it close to the button jump and use your mallet to push the button.

Step #3

Watch the door close and get jammed on the trash cans. Now this is important Do Not Cross The Lazer! crossing it will reset your door jam. But if you dident cross the lazer you can now grab the guns and melee weapons and throw them into the Reclaim Bin. Thats it now you have almost every weapon in the game.

But heres the weapons you wont have:

  • Any physics weapon.
  • Balloon gun.