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Get To The Orange Door - Some Tips and Tricks

Created by PremiumR98   ::   Dec 10, 2019    

Some Cool Stuff

You can stand on flying-type enemies

Yes. Stand on them, even you can do something like "flying", but you fell off them very quickly.

Very fast movement speed

Just hold "Shift" + "Space Bar" + "Ctrl" at the same time. Also you can combine this with Orange Juice.

Speed will be VERY fast but character will be also hard to control.

And you can try to use "Space Bar" + "Ctrl" combination, I guess it just fun (atleast for me).

Sticky det + "Jump pods"

Just shoot with Sticky Det on that thing that send you into the air (look at image below) and activate Sticky Det at the same time as "Jump Pod" activates.

Then your jump height will be much higher (it depends on timing when you activated Sticky Det and "Jump Pod").

No Y-Axis lock in game

You can do back- and forwardflips, but only while you on air. On ground there still Y-Axis lock.

Eat your gun

By holding "R" key when fully loaded you will literally EAT YOUR GUN (big circle must appear btw), that action will give ONLY points, no health or armor.

Created by PremiumR98.