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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine Secret Witcher / Relict Silver Swords

Created by Nazran   ::   Dec 10, 2019    

A secret and potentially missable silver swords through out your blood and wine journey. The sword requirements for Tah'rel and Gesheft respectively are level 43 and 46. Tah'rel does NOT need enriched dimeritium to craft but Gesheft does.

Tah'rel Location and Enemy

Here is the map location.

Once you reach here and pick up the loot underwater you to initiate a quest called What was this about again? Get your crossbow ready as there are a couple of annoying drowners.

Once in the underwater cave you will notice a skeleton on your top right as seen here.

Once you head deeper into the cave you will have to fight a level 43 shaelmaar. It's not that hard of a fight. Prepare you samum bomb to distract it, Aard to knock it off and finally relict blade oil to do more damage.

After killing it you will find a pathway leading to the skeleton mentioned earlier (it's a really small cave so don't worry).

Gesheft Location and Enemy

Map location.

There may be wolves guarding the cave entrance.

Once in head left. Be mind full there will be wolves to your right.

Once you are following the path you will fight against a werewolf. Kill it and proceed.

After killing it keep going forward and you'll find the loot chest.

And the sword Gesheft.

Crafting Components and Price

Although the pick up icon shows it's a witcher silver sword, it shows as a relict sword in crafting menu. Don't worry as this does NOT affect the swords stats.



Created by Nazran.