About Elise – Fourth Puzzle

About Elise - Fourth Puzzle
About Elise - Fourth Puzzle

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Fourth Puzzle

The liquid below you kills yo if you land in it. First go to the left where the barrels are and follow the path until you get the red button and then press it. Then go back to where you started and follow the path straight dont go to the barrels again there is no more purpose over there. Follow the path until you see you can go right and follow that until you get another red button, press that. Now go back a little you will see a path on the right side if you are coming back from the other button or on the left if you are coming from where you started. Follow until you find the button. Press it. Youve pressed all you need to. Now continue until you can go left. There will be another note that gives you the riddle to the cypher you should have seen earlier if you have been reading notes, if you didnt take a picture or right down the cypher. Now just translate it. Whatever letter it says, move it one more in the alphabet. So a would mean b and b would mean c and c would mean d so on. You will translate press twice th bigone press once the small one press once the middle one. Do that and then press the small green button.

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