Tower Unite – Bowling Made Easy

Tower Unite - Bowling Made Easy
Tower Unite - Bowling Made Easy

Tired of always having to add spin to your ball? This guide will help you straighten out your throw to be perfectly straight. All it requires is that you have a controller. (This guide does not guarantee strikes).

Setting Up Your Controller

Note: Credit goes to Porcupine

Any controller with a D-pad is your best friend, grab it, connect it, and set it up through Steam.

Once you’re in the configuration menu, you’ll want to set up the D-Pad like so:

Make sure to make it joystick move, then get ready to fine tune your throwing arm:

Turn horizontal scaling off completely, just to be safe if you’ve got fat thumbs. Turn sensitivity up all the way for extra oomph! Also, don’t forget to map left and right mouse to their respective triggers!

(If you want full convenience of controller and to never touch a keyboard between games, use my controller inputs as shown above. Once you’re done you’re all set to bowl! But wait! There’s more!)

How to Bowl

Set up your shots using the space between the dots between either the right or left of where your ball normally spawns. (Personal preference, it doesn’t matter, the outcomes are usually the same).

Once you’ve got your shot set up, click it in with the trigger and get ready to press down on the d-pad, and then up on the d-pad, you’ll usually end up with a spare, sometimes a strike. And open frame will happen now and then as RNGesus blesses you with a 7-10 split or something of the sort. Otherwise everything is ez to pick up. Have fun making ez money!

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