Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – Some Tips and Tricks

Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs

This is a guide dedicated to the things in H3VR that aren’t really showcased in videos or in the devblogs. Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

Picking up multiple rounds

You can pick up multiple rounds by picking up one then go near the next bullet and hit down on vive controllers or move your joystick down and press on oculus controllers, HOLD DOWN until you’ve picked up all the bullets.

Reduce recoil by just moving your second controller by the handle

This doesn’t work for the handgaurd part of guns but if you take your second controller and hover it over where you are holding the gun with your primary hand (remember not to grab cause then it’ll move the gun over to the other hand) when you fire while doing this you will notice a significant decrease in recoil for every gun. This is very useful for the SMG pistols that don’t have handles.

Stocks section in the Attachments segment, where do they go?

This one is a bit boring, they only go on the SMG pistols.

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