Nostos – How to Fix WMR Controls

Nostos - How to Fix WMR Controls
Nostos - How to Fix WMR Controls

Fixes the issue where you need to hold down the Touchpad button while moving the joystick (and causing finger pain over time). Works with Samsung Odyssey Plus, please let me know if it works for others.

How to Map Your Controller

First of all, be in Game with your VR set running. Enter the steam menu by clicking downward on the Joystick as if it was a button. That should bring you to the steam menu where you can access the settings cog (shown on the bottom of this screen, click it to bring the screen to the location it shows).

Then Click the other part I put an arrow by to access the Controller. That brings up this screen, which you should use to get to “Nostos Controller Bindings”

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky (also I’m typing this from memory after the fact so apologies if I miss a step).

Go Scroll down to the Joystick bindings (not to be confused with Touchpad!)

Hit the “Plus” that I have an arrow toward in the picture below, that brings up a list of options to add to the Joystick function. Select Use as DPAD. This will add all the DPAD binding options under the joystick.

From here, you go to the bottom of the Joystick area and hit a button (sorry no pic) to fill in the blank areas to map (Mode, North, south, etc) as seen on this screen below.

Mode is Touch Left on the left side, touch right on the right side. Everything else is filled in with “Left Trackpad/Thumb stick Touch”. Note that there are two similar options, make sure the last word is touch and you’re using “left trackpad” and not joystick.

Finally there’s an exception at the bottom, as shown below, simply leave the Left Center blank (I don’t know why the right is filled in or if it matters, may have messed up when I was going over these for screenshots 🙂

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