Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Getting Better at MP

Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Getting Better at MP
Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Getting Better at MP

Halo MCC Guides:

Configure Your Input Device

Whether you use controller or keyboard and mouse, you should tweak the settings.

  • 1) Go to the Campaign (first level is enough).
  • 2) Find some curved edge (a line of the round door, tree branch, etc), and try to trace it with your aim, you should be able to do this precisely.
  • 3) Shoot to the wall, this will get you a reference dot. Strafe around and hold your aim on the dot all the time. Try this from different distances.
  • 4) Tweak the settings (mouse sensitivity, controller dead zone speed, etc) till you can do steps 2 and 3 with ease.


Before you start playing it is a good idea to warm up first. Go for the Firefight first to get into mood.

Pro tip: Play the first match on a higher sensitivity and then the second and third matches on the sensitivity you normally use, it will improve your aim drastically

Multiplayer Modes

There are different gameplay modes for the multiplayer, play those that suit you best:

In competitive you can either try the Hardcore Ranked, which is the game mode with the DMR, this is the hardest ranked mode you can have. Second competitive game mode is Invasion. Invasion is Spartans vs Elites and as the match progresses you can unlock vehicles and gain extra points for being the driver/pilot.

In Social it is easier if you select the mode called Rumble Pit. In Rumble Pit you have a couple of different game modes inclusing Slayer, Snipers, SWAT, etc. Easy to play modes and you will get a lot of hits. I definitely recommend playing a couple of social matches as a warm-up before jumping into ranked.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you hold the zoom button for scoped weapons, you then get out of the scoping much faster just by releasing the zoom button
  • Keep your aim at the level so it is easier for you to aim for the headshots
  • If you get behind somebody, hold the Melee button, you will perform assassination. There is a nice animation to it plus doing so 10 times in matches will give you an achievement for it.
  • In Snipers find a nice elevated position but with something behind you, if there is a clear sky behind you (like on the hill or a tall building) you will be super visible
  • In Slayer if you want easy kills, go for the Camouflage, stand near wall corners and if somebody start shooting at you, hide behind the corner and activate the camouflage, if they chase you they will most likely miss you (good for the assassinations)
  • Learn to strafe and change direction a lot! Standing in place, strafing to one direction or jumping makes you an easy target
  • Needler is maybe the best automatic weapon in the game, needles track the target
  • Learn to use the grenades!


You have two types, those that bounce and those that stuck. Bouncing grenades are good for cleaning behind corners and the other type is good to stuck to the enemy. Also, throwing the grenades over the half of the map can be fruitful if you know about a tight corridor in that area, also learn where the extra grenades are on each map and refresh your ammunition from time to time.


In some modes there are weapon repositories (places where you can find specific weapons). Some of these like the shotgun, needler, grenade launcher or the sword or especially desired. Find a good elevated position where you can see on these spots and frag anyone trying to gain these weapons.

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