Destiny 2 – How to Play Gambit Properly (Tips and Tricks)

Destiny 2 - How to Play Gambit Properly (Tips and Tricks)
Destiny 2 - How to Play Gambit Properly (Tips and Tricks)

Gambit is most favorites mode in this game.

Gambit Gameplay Guide

Gambit Gameplay

  • Collect 100 motes to summon primeval.
  • Kill primeval to win the game.
  • Send blockers to slow enemies from deposit motes to them bank.
  • Invade to enemy side to slow them out and heal primeval constantly.
  • Kill envoys and blockers.

Gambit Roles and What They Do?

They are 4 roles in Gambit:

  • Collector: A guy who collect motes and send blockers to enemy side.
  • Sentry: A guy who kill all blockers sent by enemy collector and kill invader from enemy team.
  • Reaper: A guy who kill enemy in them area and create motes to be collect by collector.
  • Invader: A guy who invade to enemy site, deny enemy motes collected and heal primeval during primeval phase.

Everyone can do other roles like:

  • Collector can become Reaper when motes phase has over and go to primeval phase.
  • Reaper and sentry can do same thing.
  • But invader roles will keep like that, invader always invade enemy site.

Picture for more information about each roles

Note: You can obtain entire armor set at Gambit Reckoning at Tier 1,Tier 2 and Tier 3.

It’s Prime Val and Faction on the Field / Horizon

Everyone know when you collect and bank 100 motes,there will be primeval summon at middle of arena.

Your job here: To slay primeval before enemy team do first.

They are many different primeval based on which enemies on the field / horizon.

Fallen on the Horizon!

Sadly they are no fallen primeval. Fallen is more flexible faction in this game, they can going invisible,run with 4 hands and 2 feet, and some Servitor who shield enemy so they are immune to your attacks if you didn’t kill damn servitor. Most Dangerous enemy type in Fallen Faction: Servitor, Tracer / Sniper Shank and Exploder Shank.

Hive, Bring a Sword!

Many primeval like Hive unit (Taken Version) like knight, ogre, wizard. They are most annoying faction for me. They have huge damage on knight weapons and wizard with a hundred RPM shots. Most Dangerous enemy type in Hive Faction : Knight with arc bomb weapons, Shrieker, Wizard, Expolder Thrall, Ogre.

Vex on the Field!

Another one, Vex is robot faction was created by “MILK”. They are strong, them weaknesses is not on head but on his stomach euh. Most of them dangerous especially if you see Quantum (Vex’s unit name), they shoot big void beam to us and damage output is super massive. They are 1 primeval, i know so far is Hobgoblin i found they are 2 types: with 3 void beam around them and no void beam around them (not sure about that). Most Dangerous enemy type in Vex Faction: Quantum Vex unit, Hydra, Hobgoblin and Minotaur.

Cabal on the Field!

Another one again, Cabal is monstrous enemy faction. They are well organized. Everyone in cabal version is dangerous except hounds. Cabal with minigun and launches 3 rocket projection who slow and blind you for a short time and random Turrets all of arena that’s massive. No Cabal Primeval so far.

Scorn Approaching!

One of most famous faction who participated to death of Cayde-6. They are not quite dangerous for me. Chieftain has different element, they copy some element skills from other faction. Like Void element, they copy servitor shield and throw it to the ground and random pillar spawns and shield scorn at close range.


Taken is one biggest ingredients to make gambit. They serve as protector for primeval and invader (enemy team) and enemies for us. They have so many resurrected enemies and become taken unit.

Primeval? How We Damage Them? What We Do?

  • Damage phase, You can damage primeval when 3 groups of envoy down (and repeat after damage phase is over) when the third there is tumor on floor which pop and give you “Primeval Buff” to damage and buff your damage output to primeval.
  • Envoy phase, You must kills 3 groups of envoy to break primeval shield and get primeval buff.
  • Invader roles at Primeval Phase, Invader has really important roles especially if enemy team summon primeval, they invade to other side and kill enemy team member, each kills will heal enemy primeval and slow them down to kill primeval.

Tips When Playing Gambit

  • Sometimes every step will snowballing enemies from victory to defeat.
  • Collect motes and bank 100 motes before they did.
  • Send blockers to enemy site.
  • Best Blockers is not always Knight Blocker.
  • When enemy team at Primeval phase, you can send them Goblin Blocker to shield Enemy primeval and protect primeval for awhile.
  • Medium blocker (i forget the name) can deal lot of damage when Knight blocker on the field before them spawn.
  • Never motes at 4 motes, 9 motes and 14 motes.
  • Invader roles are important, you must trust teammate if they can’t do it, you can do it.
  • Gambit armor set is optional but it’s more useful.
  • You can use normal armor set at your team site but you can use invader armor set when you want invade and when invasion portal is open.
  • Timing is important thing in this game.
  • Invade when primeval at damage phase at enemy site.
  • Kill invader as fast as you can before they did.
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