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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Money Grind Tips (Red Dead Online)

Created by evill01   ::   Dec 9, 2019    

In this guide you'll find some useful tips for making money in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online Money Grind

Making money in Red Dead Online is hard. The best ways to make money in my opinion:

  1. Online Story missions (when you complete them for the first time) up to $250 / mission.
  2. Treasure maps, you get them sometimes you rank up, you can grind them from gang hideouts by looting the bodies. Highest amount I've got is $150 + a lot of XP and other loot.
  3. Showdown series, easy $15 for winning, easy and fast to win because there's not many players I usually have had like 4-6 opponents.
  4. Fishing, takes time and skill, but up to $5 for 3 star fish.
  5. Roles: I recommend not to pick role by the amount of money you will make, since doing specialist role missions is probably going to take most of your time once you unlock them, pick the role you like to spend time with. I personally prefer bounty hunter since this role has a lot of action and you get a nice amount of money when you capture the bounty alive. 30$ for normal bounty, legendary bounty up to $150.

Created by evill01.