Reign of Darkness – Item Colors (Loot Guide)

Reign of Darkness - Item Colors (Loot Guide)
Reign of Darkness - Item Colors (Loot Guide)

An explanation on the loot system in Reign of Darkness!

Basic Item Overview

Gear in Reign of Darkness uses a color coded rarity system which everyone is most likely familiar with.

White < Green < Blue < Purple < Orange

The higher the rarity, the higher the armor roll will be on the item. (This is important!)

Once you unlock the Philosophers Stone, you will be able to craft WHITE items into ORANGE items if you really wanted to. BUT because you started with a white item, the armor class will be lower. It will also cost you a lot of crafting materials (Essence, Flawed Shards, Gems…)

  • So what do the item colors mean exactly you might wonder…

Every item has a “Maximum Potential” of each stat based on the items level. The higher the item level, the higher the maximum potential will be.

  • When an item drops as white with no stats, it simply means the lowest possible potential.
  • When an item drops as orange (Highest rarity), it simply means its getting closer to the maximum potential.

What would a maximum potential item look like?

It would look something like this:

Chestplate (Color would be Orange)

  • 100 Strength
  • 100 Dexterity
  • 100 Vitality
  • 100 Intellect
  • 100 Conviction
  • 100 Runic
  • 100 Elemental
  • 100 Divinity
  • 100 Weapons
  • 100 Defense
  • Random armor class: Level 50

This is assuming the maximum potential is 100 stats at level 50.

If that same item dropped and it was BLUE quality it would probably look like this:

Chestplate (Color would be Blue)

  • 34 Strength
  • 28 Vitality
  • 27 Runic
  • 9 Elemental
  • 25 Divinity
  • Random armor class: Level 50

Using crafting materials and philosophers stone, you can then add stats using essence, gems, and shards to try and create the above orange item example if you wanted to.

If you are struggling to solo regular mode dungeons, I would suggest farming up a bunch of crafting materials and finding some good base items and enchanting your gear to a higher potential.

Example of Crafting

Here is a very basic example of how you can create something out of nothing.

I made a level 1 character and took the starting chestpiece and crafted it into an orange item. I don’t recommend doing this on level 1 items, I just did it for the guide. When you start doing dungeons, you will benefit from crafting more because the bosses are quite difficult.



Example #2: This time I started with a level 23 blue shoulder pad.

Starting Item:

After a Few Crafts:

After a Bunch More Crafts:

Notice how the armor value never changed. Its good to find base items with higher armor values than what you have equipped so you can get more much physical resistance. Crafting a white item into an orange will almost always have low armor but if you find a blue or purple item and craft it into an orange, it will have a better armor base.

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