Bloons TD Battles – How to Make Easy Medallions!

Bloons TD Battles - How to Make Easy Medallions!
Bloons TD Battles - How to Make Easy Medallions!

A quick and easy to follow guide on how to make some sweet medallions with 2 very similar strategies! This guide is made for the Ceramic Crucible “Only Boosts” mode!

Towers You Need!

Note: Credit goes to Absolute Unit

First off, which towers do you need?

  • Strategy 1 + 2: Dart Monkey and Banana Farm.
  • Strategy 1: Monkey Apprentice.
  • Strategy 2: Tac Shooter.

Strategy 1: Breakdown

This strat works EVERY TIME in lower level arenas and bad to decent players, however really good players can beat it. The good thing about it is that you do not need 4th tiers and the only 3rd tier you need is for the dart monkey.


  • Start with 1 set of spikes protecting the exit of the map and place a banana farm ASAP.
  • Then buy the first upgrade “More Bananas”.
  • You should then have enough money to buy a dart monkey, get one and when you get enough money upgrade it to: Sharp Darts -> Razor Sharp Darts -> Triple darts.
  • At this point you should start saving for a “Banana Plantation” upgrade for your farm. Remember, losing a couple lives is ok!
  • Get another dart monkey and upgrade it the same way you did before.
  • Save for another farm, upgrade it to “More Bananas”.
  • Get a monkey apprentice, upgrade it to “Intense Magic” and “Fireball”. If he sends balloons to you, save for a “Lightning Bolts”.
  • Upgrade your second farm to “Banana Plantation”.
  • At round 13, Quickly sell both farms, press the “Bloon Boost” and spam Regen Rainbows.

Strategy 2: Breakdown

This strategy is better overall, however takes more skill to pull off, 4th tier Dart and Tac, and at least 3rd tier Farms. I can’t give a very in-depth guide, so I will just give an overall summary. If you are using this section, you are probably more experienced, so I’ll be using normal Battles terms. This strat can help you demolish the Round 13 pushes and works against most players.


  • 1/0 Farm and 1 Spike Placement.
  • 0/3 Dart.
  • 2/0 Plantation, build another farm. This should be around Round 8. If the enemy defense is poor, rush with yellows (or regen whites if they have wizards).
  • 3/0 Spik-a-pult, upgrade to Juggernaut at Round 10.
  • Round 12, Place a tac shooter.
  • Round 13, Hover over sell on 1 of your banana farm if you see a boost, bloons or selling of enemy sell this farm and quickly upgrade to 0/4 and use the ability.
  • If a rush happens, sell your other farm, sell the tac shooter and rush away!
  • If it doesn’t, send a decently sized normal grouped zebra rush and see if you can get an energy.
  • Then, if they have sold farms to defend that or used a boost, sell your 2 farms for a huge boosted regen zebra rush!
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