Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze – Outfit Guide (Episode 2)

Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze - Outfit Guide (Episode 2)
Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze - Outfit Guide (Episode 2)

This guide describes the locations to Examine to compile the outfits together not obtained through regular gameplay that are needed for the Episode 2 outfit achievements.

Outfit Locations

Little Black Sleuthing Dress

  • 1: Examine Plane at Beach (Need to be playing as Dot)

Antique Olive Dinner Frock with Feather Stole

  • 1: Examine Couch in Hotel Room

Silk Robe with a Japanese Print

  • 1: Examine Carpet in Hotel Room
  • 2: Examine right-most pool table in Sing’s Store

Chinoise Blue and White Coat

  • 1: Examine Sand at Beach (Need to be playing as Dot)
  • 2: Examine middle Coral in Don Verona

Sequined Gold Dress

  • 1: Examine Crate under Table, left side, in Sing’s Store
  • 2: Examine Shoebox in Foreshore

Mint Dress with Beaded Overlay

  • 1: Examine Drawer in Hotel Room
  • 2: Reward from mini-game in Sing’s Store
  • 3: Reward from mini-game in Foreshore

Smokey Cocktail Dress with Thin Straps

  • 1: Examine Freezer in Morque
  • 2: Examine Barrel on Lady Jane
  • 3: Examine Crate left of Gramophone in Foreshore
  • 4: Examine Wreck in Don Verona
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