Day of Dragons – Plasma Dragon’s Redwoods Flight Guide

Day of Dragons - Plasma Dragon's Redwoods Flight Guide
Day of Dragons - Plasma Dragon's Redwoods Flight Guide

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Plasma Dragon’s Redwoods Flight

First and foremost, common sense would tell you to fly over the trees to have an easier time getting around and being aware of your surroundings. While this is true, I would like to stress for you not to go too high, in my experience, you are more likely to get glitched hitting the flight mesh in the worlds ceiling than you are by crashing into a tree. Should you crash into a tree, it is best for you to fully commit to it, try hitting your head against it instead of your wings because you wont get bugged out this way (the exception with this being that autoland triggers along with the landing sequence engaged by hitting the tree in this way) and don’t move until you land flat on the ground.

Speaking of the ground, the safer places to be on the ground are near the top of the redwoods, or near the bottom. I would suggest avoiding the middle part where the cave and river are because all of the collision debris located there is more likely to get you stuck. I would also suggest avoiding jumping along the waterfalls (the smaller ones, not the big ones) because you have a high risk of getting stuck there too.

As for flight mechanics, since the post above this explains the controls, and if you are reading this, chances are you know the basics of flight anyways, so I won’t go over that. This advice here will be most accurate for Plasma Dragons since they have the smallest turn radii of the current three.

The sharpest turn you can do is when you let go of every key on your keyboard, and then press A or D, you will turn in place. (keep in mind that you will have to let go of the key you turn with before advancing forward, and while doing this, you wont immediately stop either)

In the redwoods, you want to save your sprint button for banking because banking is a sharper turn than just pressing A or D while moving forward.

“Well Eve if you are sprinting, shouldn’t you already be banking?”

Not necessarily, it is better to initiate your turn before your sprint, because if you do the opposite, you will drift forward before actually turning, so you run more of a risk to crashing into trees.

A final hint of advice is that if you find yourself in a situation where you cant avoid your wings hitting the trees, then dive (not a divebomb, just simply diving) because that transition to your force landing animation will less likely cause you to get stuck compared to transitioning from a mid-wingflap animation to your force land animation

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