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Fallout 4 - Railroad Signs Meaning

Created by TheSealEthan   ::   Dec 4, 2019    

This guide will show you what the railroad signs mean. Maybe it will help you ingame.


  • Ally: If you see this sign, an ally is nearby. The key words for the allies are: mine is in the shop.
  • Cache: This sign shows that a stash is nearby.
  • Pointer: A pointer shows you the way to the next ally or cache.
  • Danger: Danger means, that you better not go there, because there will be an enemy.
  • Safehouse: This sign shows you that a safehouse is nearby.
  • Dead drop: This is a mailbox with a railsign on it and is used for communication.

Game:   Fallout 4
Created by TheSealEthan.