Chernobylite – AK-47 Location

Chernobylite - AK-47 Location
Chernobylite - AK-47 Location

Weapon Location

A quick intel on the new rifle in the game. You can find it in Pripyat Port. The mission I played was meet with Tarakan. I couldnt yet check if its present in any other scenario.

You have to go in the first objective building. To help you finding it, as you approach the area, there will be a NAR soldier on a small roof. Kill him then scan around. You should be able to see the Kalashnikov close to you, set down in a broken elevator.

It”s a bit tricky getting to it, but you have to go upstairs, then move around the building itself. If you are used to the game it wont take long.

It”s not yet customizable. The damage is a bit less then revolver, but easily takes out an enemy or two. If you a pinned down, go in choke point and hold your position. It wont let you down.

The main downside is ammo. It”s expensive to make and you find it in small quantities. I recommend dying once and resseting the world after having done some exploration, so you have at least 1 or 2 magazines.

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