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Day of Dragons - Desert Map

Created by SunDragoness   ::   Dec 4, 2019    

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Desert Map Sketch

This is a sketch of the Day of Dragons Desert biome showing the hatch/spawn locations, food and the alignment of the ponds with there their co-ords.

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Note-able Locations

  • Single Pond - Portal pond is one of three Oasis', located in the south-western part of the biome.
  • Double Pond - One of three Oasis', being made up of two ponds separated by a thin slice of land. It is located in the southern part of the map.
  • Triple Pond - One of three Oasis', with three separate ponds, located in the eastern part of the map.
  • Graveyard - A scene of a great battle, featuring a dead Alpha Dragon, and an elemental. Can be found in the far North-West of the map.
  • Sandslayer Worm - Nicknamed "Pookie", roams the desert. Highest likelihood of finding him is on the graveyard.

Created by SunDragoness.