Everreach: Project Eden – 100% Achievements Guide

Everreach: Project Eden - 100% Achievements Guide
Everreach: Project Eden - 100% Achievements Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!


Note: Credit goes to Hanni

First Contact
Reach Nova outpost.

Find supplies for Nova outpost.

Tower Hacker
Hack all three towers in mission 2.

And it goes down!
Get rid of the Gunship, once and for all!

They’re gone
Finish the game.


Life and death decision
Make sure Jay survives the game.

Always be friendly with Jay. When he tells you: “It would be nice to stay here permanently” answer him with “We already have a home” and ask him if he is okay a bit later in the desert. The achievement will unlock during a cutscene at the end of the game.

Get through the swamp chase without losing any health. (You can lose shield though)

Don’t lose any health during the wild chase at the beginning of Mission 1.

Find the hidden puzzle crate in the first mission.

Follow the main quest of Mission 1 and look out for this place:

Climb up the hill:

And interact with the puzzle crate:

GlobalView News
Find all tablets in Aurora Outpost.

You will arrive in the Aurora outpost at the end of Mission 2, after hacking all towers. Find three tablets.


Central room, upper platform:

Access B, upper platform (next to the story-item/hard drive):

Nebula Hunter
Destroy all Nebula drones in the desert.

After sneaking past the red lights of the giant gunship, destroy all 11 Nebula drones:

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