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Stay Out - Beginner Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Created by attack   ::   Dec 4, 2019    

Main Info

  • Someone kills everyone in a row, and someone only peaceful, Someone only conducts clan wars. Everyone chooses who he will be. Someone doesn’t kill anyone. Choose any role you can imagine.
  • Gourmet is the main trading point of the Lubech's OutLands. Square (Ж10-2) A lot of good quests and quest NPCs are in the center of the map; most people trade here.

Leveling Character Skills

  • Skills can be reset for free once a day /ichangedmymind in chat.
  • Boost your running speed +5%
  • When creating a character, it is better to immediately learn the skills of the brain intelligence.
  • Ideally, you first need to learn skill 4 brains and only then get the rest of the level so as not to lose skill points. It's not obligatory. My advice is to drop all skills and learn skill brains first.
  • Each brain skill gives +10% of experience gained and additional Skill Point when gaining a level. having learned all four brains you get four additional Skill Points for each level you get and experience is 40% more
  • Along the way, while the brains are being learn skill, swing the clover survival and after the content rate
  • It’s not necessary for the sake of brains to create a new character, you can play and the old time you someday learning all skills for longer than with brains.
  • Learning skills tolerated weight and perception and strength, criticals

Survival Information

  • How to earn trading points? Trading points increase when you complete the quests of a determined character, even then when you wait for certain items, if you talk to the character he will say What items he needs, for them you will receive trade points. How to see how many points in trading do you have now? Open the journal on J and select the contact in the list, select the NPC you need and see How many points of trade.
  • It makes sense to create new twins. Using twins, you can sell more through the board, each character can put 3 lots of more twins, you need to put them in the traders' place in order to quickly redeem a valuable item. Twinks are also placed near the spider cave to and near Supplers and near places where there is a long loot and often pvp.
  • Do not allow the reputation of -1000 with mercenaries, otherwise on the basis of the laboratory and on other bases. Try to keep your reputation in balance if it is -1000 guards will kill.
  • It is advisable to have a flask and not a single Well to be filled, or sometimes it’s not in columns and you can replenish it from a river or collect dirty water. Are there places where water is not sold!
  • You can fill in a flask of dirty water and boil the flask in a fire. You can put the Bonfire on the edge of the safe zone and boil the flask while in the safe zone so as not to lose the flask as they can kill and the fire will go out.
  • It will be much better if you turn off the grass in the graphics settings and add brightness in the main settings.
  • Put on some convenient button the stone throw I configured on Mouse 4.
  • Opening inventory is also better Assign to a mouse on approximately Mouse 5 since in the game you constantly need to reload clips, eat, and so on.
  • If you hold the button the weapon retracts on the back
  • During the run, if you click on Inter and Escape it will run automatically.
  • If you hold the Alt button, you can rotate the camera and run at the same time.
  • Bears and wild boars wash much more karma than dogs and rats! in Lubeche karma is well washed in the park and on the boars
  • Experienced players Do not use a flashlight. With the flashlight turned on you are easy to spot and kill.


  • When the Bear stands on its hind legs, you need to shoot in the heart, this is just to the right of the center or shoot in the head
  • Verlioca needs to be shot in the eye.
  • Boar needs to be shot in the аss and in the head.

Loot in the Entrances and Boxes on the Map and Other

  • Loot spawn every 5 minutes can disappear for a short time and reappear. In different boxes in different places in different entrances, different loot spawn.
  • Expensive items have a very small chance of spawn less than 1%.
  • Sometimes At buyers and gunsmiths and technicians, medical scientists, and other merchants. get expensive things at a very cheap price 100 times cheaper they are bought right away, sometimes they can get lucky and you will see such things.
  • Many things don’t spawn; they can be bought either on the board or obtained through a quest or bought from buyers.
  • Items from the Donat store can be sold on the board.
  • If you score an inventory with a cheap rate of 1 unit, then there will be less chance that an expensive thing will drop out.
  • The cartridges in the inventory must be divided by 100 so that less falls out upon death.


  • Can be used to equip yourself with a belt, they are also needed for quests, and some of them can be sold to scientists for 800 as 80,000+ more rare are more expensive (sold good price M11-4 and Board)
  • Artifacts give different buffs for 24 hours but they have 7 minus they weigh several kilograms and give a negative effect in addition to the positive.
  • Put artifacts on your belt so that they do not burst after death, then remove and sell or use.

Items that can be sold well on the board and not only

  • Parts of mutants that are best sold on the board: The head of a bear, Skin of a bear, wild boar skin, Skin of a dog, Bling tongue,amulet of the witch, paws verliok, Brutus bones
  • Parts of mutants that are best sold to scientists in Map of the Lubech's OutLands (M11-4): meat, fangs, legs, hands.
  • Items that are needed on an important quests are best sold to people on the board: Radio parts, Electrical parts,Toilet paper, Block of cigarettes, Pack of tea, Salo, Artifacts, Pipes, Wire, Empty coffee can, Tube of cream, Petroleum jelly, Spice, Car battery, Car candle
  • Used at a high level of craft: Aspirin, analgin, noshpa, creon, inhalers.

The Maps

Map of Lubech

Map of the Lubech's OutLands

Map of Vesuvius

Game:   Stay Out
Created by attack.