Paint the Town Red – The Apostle And The Shard Lords (How to Get and What Used For)

Paint the Town Red - The Apostle And The Shard Lords (How to Get and What Used For)
Paint the Town Red - The Apostle And The Shard Lords (How to Get and What Used For)

You have heard of shards, haven’t you? The blue octoganal gem that you see in the pause menu. Well, what are they used for? How do you get them? Well, here are the answers!

The Apostle

Note: Credit goes to JustAGamerPerson

The apostle is one of the types of minions of who I call “Friend Mins”. He is like the energy seller in the shop in which he will sell you permanent upgrades for a price. He acts very much the same in fact! The shop, I mean.

However, you dob’t find him in a shop. You find him I need a cage.

You must first rescue him by killing every enemy in the room that his cage and he are in. This will lead to him going up to the Beneath facility.

Here, the garage door will be open, and the apostle will be creating stuff. You can now access the special permanent upgrade shop!

Shards And Shard Lords

Shards are those blue octoganal things. You can see them in the pause menu, but other than that, they aren’t really useful until you get the apostle.

You may see a message that says something about a great being reigning somewhere. This indicates there is one or TWO Shard Lords. Shard Lords are powerful mini-boss enemies you can encounter on runs. They are powerful.

The Golem

The Golem is one of the six Shard Lords. It is a giant assortment of rocks, which has a lot of health. It does big brain damage, but don’t have big brain speed.

It starts as a pile of rocks on the ground, than when approached, it will assort itself into it’s golem form. Although initially intimidating, you may soon realise that this thing is easily beatable. Slow, very little range, and it’s weak spot appears to be it’s chest. When it dies, it has a unique death animation, staying in the air for a few seconds before falling to the ground. It displays unique behaviour of not bleeding.

The Centurion

The Centurion is a ghostly warrior, wielding a shield and a helmet. It also wields a firey sword, that is very powerful.

It is similar to the swat enemy in the prison level, however it is stronger, with more health and damage. It can be attacked by kicking the shield out of the way or breaking the shield. It bleeds gasoline, or green greyish blood. Did it go to Aperture Science Laboratories when Johnson was still alive?

Anyway, when it dies, you can pick up it’s sword (and I’m assuming shield, but I usually break it before he dies). The sword is very powerful.

The Beast

The Beast is a large slow monster with the head of a giant floating head enemy. It wields a knife as a walking stick (like a less scary but less cool version of Pyramid Head).

The Beast attacks by hitting the player with the knife or it’s hand. It knocks the player back quite far, and can be a threat because of it’s longish range. It dies in about 2 hits as a Brawler with the Centurions knife.

The Crawler

You know Crystal Crabs?

Well, the crawler is just a big, more golden version. It is basically the same as a normal crystal crab in attacking, except for the fact is shoots 3 lasers at a time instead of one. That’s all.

The Pyro

The Pyro is a fire version of the minion. It has more health, and can burn the player very quickly, just like a minion with shorter range.

The Deciever

A large floating monster, this thing hits like a truck. It can create illusions of itself, to pretend there is more than one of them. It is, however, very weak.

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