Devil Slayer – Raksasi – Speedrun Guide

Devil Slayer - Raksasi - Speedrun Guide
Devil Slayer - Raksasi - Speedrun Guide


  • At the initial room, ask the witch of Kwenlun for a Curse of the Slaughter. If no Curse of the Slaughter option is provided, restart until she offers one.
  • Save & load until you get a Replica Gold Coin from the witch of Kwenlun. If there’s no Boss Baldwyn showing up in the shop room, get a Dice of Destiny instead.
  • Find the shop, kill the XXX, collect coins, refresh until you can buy Restless heart. If you have extra money, Lord of thunder’s nail and Mummy Wrappings will also be of great help.
  • Go straight to the BOSS room, finish the Crazed Magistrate and go to the next stage.
  • Talk to Soul Keeper and forge Heavenly Eye. If you don’t have a Heavenly Eye scroll stored in Soul Keeper, perhaps you’ll need to Save & Load to familiarize yourself with the current stage.
  • My BOSS fight sequence is listed as:¬†Crazed Magistrate — Hsing T’ien — Broodmother Nest — Willow Immortal — Whith Immortal — Arrested Spirit. (To be objective, this sequence is close to perfection).
  • After approaching White Immortal, save & load to further shorten BOSS fight time.
  • After approaching Arrested Spirit, save & load to further shorten BOSS fight time. With an attack of 149, the BOSS fight time is reduced to 26 seconds.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you can’t find Restless Heart in the shop of Deserted City, get a new SEED.
  • Only go to the shop once in the whole game. A second shopping would certainly increase the time.
  • Don’t open or unclock any Treasure Chests.
  • When you finish monsters in a room, use your mouse to control the generation spot of Treasure Chests. This will avoid Treasure Chests getting in your way.
  • Kill all monsters with the most efficient way. Practice until you fully grasp the technique.
  • The rooms are not completely random. Having a rough idea of monsters’ distribution in every type of rooms will significantly reduce the time.

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