Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Pyromancer: The Dupe Lord (Build Guide)

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Pyromancer: The Dupe Lord (Build Guide)
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Pyromancer: The Dupe Lord (Build Guide)

What’s This?

Note: Credit goes to Bathrobe Rat

This build will have you set to a ~60% crit chance, by yourself. Using the talent to refund ult on crit, you are basically flipping a coin every time you ult. For every positive roll, you get to throw another burning head; fun, huh?

If you’re really after some fun, play with a WHC and let him increase your crit chance further.


  1. THP on killing blow is a good choice. You can opt for something else if you want.
  2. We are stacking crit, so take the 3rd choice. This gives 10% crit chance when you are above 80% hp. Try your best not to get hit.
  3. I would advise Enhanced Power, because it makes your Burning Head stronger.
  4. I would advise the 2nd choice, because in order to have high crit chance, you will need to be at red overcharge as much as possible. You might as well have the 15% damage increase to your Burning Head.
  5. This build revolves around you being in red overcharge. In order to avoid the penalty of being in that state, use the 2nd choice.
  6. Take the 3rd choice, since it allows you to dupe ults.

How it Works

Pyro has an innate ability that increases crit chance by 6% per amount of overcharge. It stacks 5 times. You will be at 5 stacks, +30% crit chance, whenever you are in red overcharge.

  • 5-10% innate crit chance,
  • +10% crit chance from items,
  • +10% crit chance when over 80% hp,
  • +30% crit chance when in red overcharge

You will get up to 60% crit chance in optimal conditions.

You can increase your crit chance further with someone like WHC on your team.

Having Decanter with a purple potion will allow you to ult a lot, even if you get a negative roll. It can be used as a safety net, if you don’t want to rely on luck to kill a boss.

Recommendations + Other Advantages

I would recommend having Resourceful Combatant on your melee weapon. It will help you get your ult back quickly when you roll a negative.

I would recommend having Hunter on your ranged weapon. This will increase the damage of your Burning Head by 25% for 10 seconds every time it procs.

I would recommend staying in high overcharge as much as you can. This might mean shooting the ground just to increase your overcharge. Against a boss, build up your overcharge before using your Burning Heads.

You do not need armor piercing weapons on Pyromancer. Because you will have around 60% crit chance, you will pierce armor on many hits.

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