Airmen – Weapons Group Guide

Airmen - Weapons Group Guide
Airmen - Weapons Group Guide

A guide on all the applications of weapon groups, if you dont know what these are then you need to read this guide. They cna control adjustables and other fixed weapons, props, magdrives and so on.


The primary purpose of weapon groups is to organize which ones fire when, so this section will cover fixed weapons, adjustables, control stations and gunner wheels.

At the bottom of the picture a popup with information appears, you can then press either the 1 key or 2, or 3, or 4. This will set the weapon group, you cna also see in the background to the right a pressure board, this tells you how much pressure each weapon group uses.

You can turn the weapon group on or off by pressing the corresponding key on your wheel, with a gunner wheel you can even slightly aim the weapons by right clicking on where you wnat them to shoot, you need to hold it so they turn there though. For this to work properly you need to make sure the gunner wheel and the guns are on the right weapon group.

You cna also you control stations but they only turn the weapon, you need to fire them from a wheel.

Autohammers and Magdrives

You need to also organize autohammers and magdrives, ussualy I put magdrives in their own weapon group or if something else is on there I make sure to not let the magdrives charge for the full 30 seconds by turning the weapon group off.

Autohammers can also be organized, sometimes having autohammers in different groups cna help save pressure that you need by not spending it on autohammers that are not repairing.

Control Stuff and Other Gimmicks

You cna tell your tilt module, roll corrector, altitude maintainer, and smoke screen which weapon group they have to be in, in the hangar.

Props and Ballasts

This cna be useful if you want to turn on a dime, just put your left or right side props in a weapon group, the weapon group needs to be on for them to work, so you can flick them off and turn really fast to the left or the right.

You cna also tell which ballasts to be where, not sure of the application but you cna do it. also works on ballast balloons.

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