Insect Simulator – Controls and Gameplay Guide

Insect Simulator - Controls and Gameplay Guide
Insect Simulator - Controls and Gameplay Guide

This guide explains the controls and gameplay of the first version of Insect Simulator (Pre-Alpha).

Keyboard Controls + Current Features

Insect Simulator Controls

  • WASD – Control character
  • Mouse – Camera Rotation
  • Q – Cast web as spider character or attack as ant character [Being further developed]
  • P – Toggle pause menu
  • SHIFT – Sprint
  • TAB – Displays current mission [No mission available in this mode, being debated and tested]
  • 1 – Quicksave
  • E – Open doors in family home
  • ESC – Exits game instantly

Currently there is a fully function XP System implemented. Your current goal is to survive, as the Goliath Bird Eater you can eat small rodents and ants, clearly marked with a health bar; as the Fire Ant you can eat bread and plants, clearly marked with a leaf icon.

There are easter eggs and secrets hidden throughout the game for the players to discover. At this stage the game is in a somewhat sandbox mode. We are awaiting feedback and suggestions from players to add features to the game, as we have intentionally released Insect Simulator early in order for the player to shape it’s future.

If at any time you wish to delete your save you will have to navigate to User/AppData/Local/InsectSimulator/Saved and delete your saved games from here. If you have any issues with future updates you may need to delete your saves to receive the full update.

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