Meadow – Which Animals are The Best for What?

Meadow - Which Animals are The Best for What?
Meadow - Which Animals are The Best for What?

Hello there. Whether your a little baby badger kit, or a soaring eagle, I hope you’ll be able to find use for this list. This guide includes all the animals, and what they are best at doing in meadow. Hope you enjoy!

Basics, Animals and Rules

Now, this is going to be split up into sections. For each section, there will be a top animal(s), middle ones and the worst one for that certain thing. These will be based off my own observations, and depending on your own gameplay style, may differ.

Ruin Stones

This is mostly based on speed and size. When looking for ruin stones with a group, its a good idea to have a large animal like a deer or lynx. Its also good to have a fast animal, like a pheasant, that can keep up. Believe me, it can get tedious to keep having to stop to wait for that one slow frog x3

  • Best: Deer, Lynx, Pheasant
  • Good: Rabbit, Fox, Badger, Lynx Cub, Bear Cub, Wolf, Hedgehog
  • Okay: Frog, Baby Badger

Flowers & Fungi

If you didn’t know, most of the fabled flowers are located on mountains, and the fungi usually spawn in either the caves or autumn forest (which are both rocky!) So its a good idea to have a good rock-climbing animal!

  • Best: Deer, Pheasant, Rabbit
  • Good: Lynx, Fox, Wolf, Badger, Hedgehog
  • Okay: Lynx Cub, Bear Cub, Badger Cub, Frog


This is for those of you who like to just enjoy the beauty off meadow! Of course, for this any animal is suitable, but these are my favorites for just relaxing…

  • Best: Eagle, Rabbit, Lynx, Frog, Pheasant
  • Okay: Fox, Wolf, Deer, Hedgehog, Badger
  • Okay: Bear Cub, Lynx Cub, Badger Cub
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