Reign of Darkness – Quick Enchanting Guide

Reign of Darkness - Quick Enchanting Guide
Reign of Darkness - Quick Enchanting Guide

Quick Enchanting Guide / Very helpful for New and Experienced players!

Enchanting Guide

You need the Philosopher Stone to enchant gear.

There are two ways to add/improve stats using the Philosophers Stone:

  • 1 Flawed Shard and 3 Essence.
  • 1 Gem and 3 Essence.

What is Essence?

Essence has three rarities:

  • [Green] Lesser Dark Essence
  • [Blue] Dark Essence
  • [Purple] Greater Dark Essence

The higher the rarity of your essence, the greater the chance your item will reach its maximum potential.

What is Maximum Potential?

Every item has an item level which is the level requirement to equip the item.

The higher the item level of the item, the higher the maximum value EACH stat can roll.

Lets say I have a level 1 Chest and assume the maximum potential if 25 of each stat. A PERFECT chest would look like this:

  • Strength 25
  • Dexterity 25
  • Vitality 25
  • Intellect 25
  • Conviction 25
  • Elemental 25
  • Runic 25
  • Divinity 25
  • Weapons 25
  • Defense 25

Armor Value (Armor value currently can’t be modified but will be able to in the future with armor scraps.)

Note: The maximum potential of each item level is UNKNOWN. So you need to keep trying to enchant and when you start seeing “Failed to improve stat”.

What Does It Mean to Fail to Improve Stat?

When the maximum potential is 25 FOR EXAMPLE, and your strength on the item is 24, when you enchant the item, EACH attempt will try to roll a 25. If it doesn’t roll a 25 it will say “Failed to improve stats”. So as you get closer to the maximum, the harder it will be to become perfect.

How to Find Upgrades and Determine What to Enchant?

For armor, I look at the armor value currently because it can’t be modified. Then, I look at the stats. If it has high armor and a decent amount of stats already on it, I will consider enchanting it.

For weapons, I look at the weapon damage if I am a skill spammer or the DPS if I actually benefit from auto attacks.

Enchanting Gear while Leveling: Tips and Advice

While you level up, its very helpful to have enchanted gear. Imagine running around with maxed out gear in every slot. Well, you will be lacking a few things. GOLD, ESSENCE, and GEMS….

Essence is by far the easiest way to enchant gear. It randomly adds or improves a stat on the item. GEMS choose a specific stat to improve. So if you are short on gold, using gems would be smarter if you don’t need a certain stat or if you are short on gold.

How to Obtain Gems and Shards?

[GEMS] – Killing ANY monsters can yield flawed shards as well as looting barrels/chests.

[SHARDS] – Killing dungeon bosses yield gems BUT you can also get gems from taking 1 Jewelers Kit and 2 Raw Ore. This has roughly a ~20% chance to succeed, if you don’t get any gems, that is why.

[SHARDS] – The philosopher stone (Set it to common) also has a recipe where you take 3 random equipment items and you have a chance to get another equipment item, raw ore, or jewelers kit. (Example. 2 helmets and 1 chest combined can turn into a raw ore.)

The crafting method doesn’t work with relics and if you are combining shields, it seems like you must use 3 shields. Otherwise, everything else should combine together like 1 shoulder, 1 necklace, and 1 boot for example.

ORE nodes also spawn in the world and in dungeons BUT this is currently buggy because of the way the world/instances is generated. When the developer patches that, mining in the overworld will be a thing. For now, the best way to get raw iron is from killing monsters, looting chests/barrels, crafting them or running the dungeons.

How to Make Gold?

Lastly, gold is important because the more stats your item has from enchanting, the more costly it will become to put more stats on the item.

Gold is obtained from either doing repeatable quests OR selling items to the vendor. Weapons seem to sell more than armor so I would always vendor weapons you don’t need.

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