Verdun – Dots Guide (Tactics and Strategy)

Verdun - Dots Guide (Tactics and Strategy)
Verdun - Dots Guide (Tactics and Strategy)

Need help with tactics and strategy in Verdun? This guide gives you the shortest and most concise explanation of the most important aspect of winning in Verdun: the dots on the map, and where they should be.

Attacking, Then Defending

So you spawned on the end of the map and now you gotta get to the trench. How do you best get there? Let’s look at the map.

You see that big group of dots? Those are your teammates. Follow that group. Push in together as a blob. “What if I die?” Then you respawn and rejoin the group. Attacking is all about rushing in numbers. If you think joining the blob is a bad idea (for whatever reason) then try to take to the sides to infiltrate the trench. Infiltration like this tends to best succeed when the enemy team as a whole is focused on fighting your blobbed-up teammates.

So! Now you’re in the trench. Good job! Go club some heads in. But you need to capture and hold the trench, right? How do you best do that? Well, look at the map.

Oh no! The dots are all over the place! The team needs to rally to equally distribute your dots all throughout the trench. Look at the map and see where you’d best be situated, even if it’s at the ♥♥♥-end of the trench! You’ll never know who’ll try to sneak in through the least-desired place to be.

Now this is what I like to see. Keep this dot formation up and you’ll trounce any counterattack. Keep checking the map to see where dots are dying- those are the places you need to reinforce immediately.

Once you’ve successfully held the trench, blob up and attack the next one.

The Minimap

Inside the trench, the minimap is your best situational awareness tool, as long as you’re following your teammates. Change the zoom level with N and progress throughout the trench with your team. If you see skulls, get ready for a fight, and try not to end up a skull yourself. If you do, no big deal. Just follow step 1 again.

And that’s it! This is all you need to know about tactics and strategy in Verdun. Of course, it helps to have a microphone to try and coordinate the dots on your team, but being aware of how the dots are distributed on the map and doing your part is important too. Have fun!

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