The Void – Guide to Battle Glyphs

The Void - Guide to Battle Glyphs
The Void - Guide to Battle Glyphs

Distincts all glyphs which create harming projectiles and describes their individual behavior and recommends on when to use them.

Glyphs with launched projectiles

Need to be aimed at their target but move quickly which is invaluable in bossfights where timing is crucial.


The moment you finish drawing the Wasp will shoot into the the direction you are currently facing. You can’t alter its path.


After you finished drawing a Hawk it’ll float in air until you mark a target with a drop of colour. It won’t change it’s course without the player marking the target anew. You can summon multiple Hawks and launch them together with a single mark.

Glyphs with homing projectiles

Find a target on their own but move slowly. Very effective against common predators. Choosing between Owl and Tumbleweed boils down to choosing the better attack vector.


After creation the Owl will immedatly start homing in onto the nearest enemy. It flies in a direct path.


The Tumbleweed behaves like the Owl but moves in a crawling fashion over the floor. Only when near a flying target it’ll start to float.

Glyphs with flung projectiles

Are thrown in an arc and explode in an area of effect. Of situational use.


A Sentinel behaves like a grenade. It will explode after a short delay after impact.


A Sleeper behaves like a mine. It won’t explode until an enemy comes near it.

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