Warframe – Vauban Guide Post New-Blood

Warframe - Vauban Guide Post New-Blood
Warframe - Vauban Guide Post New-Blood

Vauban just got his rework, and I figured I may as well explain some tips, tricks, and builds for him! Welcome to Prox’s guides, and let’s get it crackin’!


First we’ll talk about his abilities. Easy enough. This is post-rework so it won’t be the same all of us are used to. May also not be the right names, oopsies.

  • Tesla Servos – This is his first ability and replacement to his original lightning ball ability. This is a new lightning ball! You can charge it to throw more, or just tap to throw one. It spawns a ball that searches for nearby enemies, attaches itself, and then shocks them and anything around them, dealing electric damage. The damage itself is pitiful but it’s at least a hard CC.
  • Minelayer – Ah Minelayer, Vauban’s most interesting ability. It’s like Quiver in the sense of it has many different things you can switch through. Vauban has four mines. One – Tether, grabs an enemy and pulls it to the mine, keeping them ragdolled there for it’s duration. Good for keeping any tough enemies out of the picture. Two – Flechette, spins while shooting bullets at the speed of a Grakata, dealing constant AoE damage. The damage is good, and it’s a great idea to mix this with Vortex and Tether mines to kill things without having to jump between all sides of a map. Three – nyooompad, I forgot the actual name for this. Vectorpad I think? It just makes any ally that touches it faster, like his old one. Four – Powerup, also not the actual name. You throw it on an ally (or yourself) and get a damage bonus. Pretty nice mine, not gonna lie.
  • Orbital Strike – his third ability does what it sounds like. Summons an orbital strike. Without any strength mods it deals 1500 blast damage all around the area. It can also be spammed. A decent idea is to combine it with Vortex and his tether mines.
  • Bastille/Vortex – His fourth ability is a mix of his old 3rd and 4th. You can tap it to send out a Bastille, that holds a limited amount of enemies suspended in midair until it runs out. Or you can hold it and throw out Vortex, that pulls any amount of enemies into a small circle, dealing constant (minimal) damage. You can also throw out a Bastille and then change it to a Vortex by holding down the four key.


This part goes over basic modding of him, what stat affects what, etc.

  • Range – Affects every ability, increasing how far Teslas can stun, the range of the mines, the range of the strike, and the range of Bastille/Vortex.
  • Strength – Affects every ability, damage of Teslas, damage boost/dealt of mines, damage of strike, how many enemies Bastille can hold, how much damage Vortex deals per second.
  • Duration – Affects nearly every ability, how long Teslas hang around, how long mines survive, how long Bastille and Vortex are up.
  • Efficiency – Affects every ability, changing how much it takes to cast the abilities.

His aura mod is a dash, so fit for Enemy Radar, Corrosive Projection, Energy Siphon, etc.

Basic Builds

This will go over some basic builds that I’ve seen used, as well as my own.

  • Standard – Max range and duration, this is the standard build for CC, this build mainly uses Vortex as Bastille’s enemy limit will be lowered thanks to Overextended.
  • Stronk – Max strength, this is used mainly for killing things with Orbital Strike and Flechette Mine, as the efficiency to cast things is either gone or the duration is dumped. This does however, allow Bastille to hold a lot of enemies.
  • Small but Long – This uses max duration and not much range, like a Limbo. Some people find Vauban’s Bastille to be a pain thanks to it not allowing enemies to move. So people use a max duration build just to camp choke points for ages but not much else.
  • Mine – I run a more balanced build, where I have everything above 100%, as a mainly solo player. I don’t use the Corrupted mods on him, but I would suggest them if you’re going for an above build.


These are some very basic strategies that I personally use in my Vauban games.

  • Camp a choke point with Vortex, throwing down a flechette mine. This is for more “I don’t want to be swarmed by this side but I also want to deal with that side over there” style of playing. The flechette mine kills the enemies that the Vortex is sucking in.
  • Spam the hell out of Orbital Strike on any group, it’s exactly what it sounds like.
  • Bastille a choke point, then as it almost goes down, swap to Vortex. This is for pure CC, it allows you to take entire groups of enemies out of the game for a minute or longer.

These are only very basic strategies, experiment and find your own!

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