Drift86 – Xbox One Controller Settings and Config File

Drift86 - Xbox One Controller Settings and Config File
Drift86 - Xbox One Controller Settings and Config File

For everyone who can’t stand all car controls on left stick.

Config File

Few people messed up their inputs (including me) and tried to find this config file so they can delete it. I found that you can reset all your settings in game, which also resets your inputs for controls.

Start your game and load into main menu. Go into settings, and in bottom left corner is red button, reset all (debug). This will reset your name, progress, camera, and most important, your control inputs. Press it and it will ask you if you are sure, hit yes, and the text ”reset your game” will appear.

Now restart your game and next time you load in, everything will be default.

Input Settings for Xbox One Controller

This will change your acceleration/braking from left stick (LS) to right stick (RS) and Handbrake from A and Y to RB.

Launch your game. First it launches Drift 86 Configuration window. Stay in config window and go into Inputs.

First inputs are for keyboard and next are for controller. Inputs for controller start after last input for keyboard – Jump |space|.

So change inputs for your controller, not for your keyboard.

Acceleration and Braking

In controller inputs, change Vertical input – it is acceleration/braking on left stick (LS). Double click on Vertical, and push your right stick (RS) up or down, it doesn’t matter.

It will change from |joystick 0 axis 1| to |joystick 1 axis 4|.

Now acceleration/braking is on right stick (RS) instead of left stick (LS).


In controller inputs, change Jump input – it is handbrake on A and Y. Double click on Jump, and press RB.

It will change from |joystick button 3| to |joystick 1 button 5|.

Now handbrake is on RB, so you don’t have to put down your right thumb from right stick (RS) when you want to use handbrake.

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