Mutiny Island – Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Mutiny Island - Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)
Mutiny Island - Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

A handy collection of tips and gameplay information about Mutiny Island.

Handy Things to Know

You’ve found yourself stranded on Mutiny Island, eh? Don’t worry. I’m here to help!

In this guide, you will find information on some of the available features you can find in Mutiny Island.

Here’s some handy tips to get you started:

  • Gamepad is the recommended way to play Mutiny Island.
  • Controls can be completely reconfigured through the options menu.
  • The Gamepad needs to be plugged in before you can access the Gamepad Config Menu.

There is two available modes in Mutiny Island.

Normal Mode:

Normal mode is the traditional Mutiny Island experience. The player starts on Mutiny Island with minimal assistance and direction. Items are lost upon death/drowning. Equipped Items are not lost.

Practice Mode:

Practice Mode starts the player in the much safer North Harbor region and also has softer penalties overall. The game can be completed in Practice Mode but some Starter Perks and Steam Achievements will be unavailable. Items are not lost when you die/drown in this mode.

Starter Perks:

Starter Perks are reserved by performing certain actions, quests, and tasks. Once you’ve reserved a Starter Perk you must defeat the Red Dawn to unlock it for use in subsequent runs/playthroughs.

Pirate Points/Perks:

Pirate Points are gained when leveling up or by claiming a Flag in a region. Once you’ve bought a house in Port Arbor or Tortuga, you can spend your Pirate Points to unlock various perks.

Some of the perks include:

  • Cheaper Ships
  • Additional Swim Time
  • Increased Strength
  • +More

Interacting with the environment:

Almost everything you see in Mutiny Island can be interacted with in some fashion. Resources can be picked up off the ground by running over them and most boxes/crates can be looted as well.

Saving Your Game:

Save your game file by resting at an INN/PUB or a BED. There are two beds that you can access/find in the starting Mutiny Island region. The abandoned house might have something worth checking out…


In Mutiny Island, players can walk, run, jump, swim and set sail. Learning to manage your swimming is very important as it can help you “Island Hop” within regions.


Opening your menu/inventory will show you the player HUD. Within the HUD you will see multiple pieces of information. STAMINA is very important. If you run out of STAMINA you will pass out until the next day. Performing actions such as attacking or swimming will lower your stamina. General movement does not lower STAMINA.

Red Dawn Preparedness Meter:

When looking at the menu HUD, you will notice a RED DAWN PREPAREDNESS BAR. This bar will actively increase/decrease as you level up, attain ships and equip different weapons and equipment. Experiment with different combinations to get a rough idea of your chances of defeating the Red Dawn.

Region Map

The game is separated into 15 regions. Each region has interiors, unique items, NPCs, treasure and events.

Buying a Ship

You can purchase a Royal Frigate or Pirate Galleon in one of three locations while playing Mutiny Island. There will be a “SHOP” prompt with an icon of a Ship on top of the Harbormaster. You will need at least 5000 Gold Doubloons when purchasing a ship. Alternatively, investing your PIRATE POINTS into the CHEAP AS perk, will allow you to purchase ships for cheaper.

Port Arbor Region:

Tortuga Region:

North Harbor Region:

(This dock only unlocks once you’ve rebuilt it using METAL GATE PIECES).

Stealing a Ship

Did you know that you can Mutiny on a crew that you’ve joined?

Defeating two of the crew members will allow you to take over the ship for yourself. Once the crew members are defeated, approach the Ship Wheel and interact with it to claim the ship for yourself.

Stolen ships initially work differently than ships you have bought outright. If you disembark onto land the stolen ship will be reclaimed. You also cannot enter the interior of a Stolen Ship or keep it permanently until you’ve registered it at the Black Market Dealer. There is two Black Market Dealers. They can be found in the Eastern and Western Deep Sea Regions.


Resting overnight will not only heal you but also gives you a chance of a DREAM occurring.

Dreams are past events from the main characters life which give additional exposure on the story and lore of Mutiny Island.

Earning Gold Doubloons

Gold… Everyone wants it! Fortunately, you can find/make it in a variety of ways.

Gold can be found on the ground, in the ocean and inside of chests and boxes.

You can also make additional gold by selling certain items, weapons and equipment to the right vendors. Vendors that accept items for sale will have a book next to them which you can read to find out which exact stock that they’re after.

Sailing with a crew, completing Task Board requests and gambling are also lucrative options. There’s many ways for a Pirate to make a living on these seas.

Building a House & Decorating Areas

In the North Harbor region you can purchase a plot of land for 5000 Gold Doubloons. (10 000 if you approach the builder while wearing a Pirate Insignia).

Once you’ve purchased the LAND TITLE, you will receive some building materials. Using these materials you can design, decorate and build yourself a home!

Approach the post near the land to order unique decorations and additional building supplies. Decorations can be placed anywhere but will only save in North Harbor and inside your own ship quarters.

Yes! You can also customize your ship interior/captain quarters.

North Harbor can also be built up with various structures and decorations.

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