METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN – Most Fastest Way to Get Female DDSoldiers

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Most Fastest Way to Get Female DDSoldiers
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Most Fastest Way to Get Female DDSoldiers

Forget all other Methods! This Guide will get you one female Soldier every 2 to 5 mins, depending on how much you reload!


The Objective is the SideOps Prisoner Number 09 in Aabe Shifab Ruins. You are going to need a Sniper Weapon and nothing more! Grade*1 and Grade*2 is enough. If you want to be super fast take the Raiden Suit and Stealth Camo.

Start in Free Roam Afghanistan and get to Aabe Shifab from the South.

First Extraction

Start here with scanning your Objective.

Dispose of the Guards.

Go Here! Stay within about 10m of your Objective. DON’T extract HER!

Start Mission 11 “Cloacked in Silence” instead. Let it load. When it starts: Abort Mission.

More Extractions!

After the Mission Abort you will be send here again. Isn’t that great? You can rescan the Objective again without even having to move!

But Wait! It gets even better! You don’t like what you see? Just RELOAD! We get a checkpoint after Mssion Abort!

If you like what you see, you just have to repeat the above and your are set up to get a lot of female DDSoldiers in a very short time.


  • You can vary your Farming Method by extracting the snipers as well. They have the Specialist Variety of Skills, so they should be showing a lot of PF skills and little to no Boasters and such.
  • The Prisoners skills vary a lot. Boasters and Diplomats are most likely though.
  • Sniping the Snipers is a good way to learn how shooting in MGSV works. It’s quite reallistic actually.
  • If done in offline Mode (for short loading times) with Raiden/Stealth equipment, one can get 50 to 60 DDsoldiers per Hour.
  • This Method works by exploiting how the game engine prepares open worldspace for missions. The soldiers all get send to mother base. Promise!
  • IMHO this is the fastest way without modding/cheating the game. By FAR!
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