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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Achievement Farmer

Created by GOAT   ::   Nov 27, 2019    

My guide is here to show you on how to farm (Some) achievement's in CS:GO. This is also something you can invite your friend to so he/she can farm with you.

Warning: Also you might have to kill yourself to fix the lag and no sv cheats or it will disable the achievement earnings.

How to Farm

So in order to start farming the achievement's you must have CS:GO (which you should if your looking at this). Then what you need to do is go to this link to download the map:

After you've downloaded the map open up CS:GO then go to workshop then click on the map that says achievement farming. When in the map go to T side and look at your achievement's to see what you want done. Some cant be done in that map so they must be required to do with bots or with real people. The two longest ones are getting the M4A4 and Ak47 achievement's cause they require 1,000 kills to get them so be prepared to be there for at least an hour!

Have fun and i hope this will help you get those achievement's.

Created by GOAT.