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Stardew Valley - New Content Overview (Update 1.4)

Created by cakeboy   ::   Nov 27, 2019    

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An overview of the most notable content in 1.4 patch. This guide contains spoilers.

Character & Skills

The Forester profession now causes 25% more wood to drop from trees/stumps/logs, instead of raising the value of wood by 50%.

A new Emily heart event will now unlock a sewing machine and let you craft a lot of different clothes.


  • Rice Sapling - obtainable from fishing loot and monster drops (abundant in the new Quarry mine).
  • Sunflower Honey.
  • Tea bushes, Tea Leaves and Green Tea - sapling is obtainable from Caroline heart event in her new room.
  • Auto-Grabbers now work in the coop too.
  • Wheat now has a 40% chance to also drop hay on harvest.


  • Caviar - can be made from Sturgeon Roe through the preserves jar.
  • Looms can now produce multiple cloths when higher-quality items are input.
  • Dinosaur Mayo - made from dino eggs. Base sell price is 800g.


New Fishes


  • Added 4 new monster eradication goals & prizes.
  • A quarry mineshaft dungeon with new Haunted Skull and Sludge monsters.
  • Prehistoric floors in the Skull Cavern with a new Pepper Rex monster.
  • Rare alternative levels in the 1–120 mines after unlocking the quarry similar to the quarry mineshaft dungeon.


New Recipes


  • Mini-Jukebox - recipe can be learned from Gus' heart event.
  • Grass - recipe can be bought at Pierre's.
  • Tree Fertilizer - recipe is skill unlockable.
  • Wilted Bouquet (crafted from a Bouquet).
  • Warp Totem: Desert - lets you teleport to Calico Desert instantly.
  • Wild Bait (improved) - there's a chance for you to catch 2 fishes when you equip this bait.


  • Golden Scythe - can be obtained in the Quarry Mine dungeon.
  • Trash Can Upgrade from Clint (gives 15-60% of trashed items’ value as money).
  • Auto-grabber now works inside coops.


  • Mini-Fridges - sold by Robin. More cooking ingredients storage.
  • Workbench - sold by Robin. Craft and automatically searches for materials when placed adjacent to a chest.
  • Wood Chipper - sold by Robin. Lets you break down Hard Wood for regular wood.
  • Squid Ink - monster drop (I got one from Squid Kid).
  • Crab Ring - +5 Defense, Adventure Guild reward.
  • Dark Sword - Monster drop from Haunted Skull in Quarry Cave. 30-40dmg, -5 Speed, +5 weight.
  • Artifact Trove - can be bought from the Desert Trader for 3 Omni Geodes. Contains random treasure, can be processed by a blacksmith.
  • Secret Notes - two new secret notes obtainable from monster drops.

Farm, Town Buildings, & NPCs

Farm Buildings

  • Fishing Pond - available to build through Robin. Can let you breed fish and farm roe.
  • Shed Upgrade - available to build through Robin. Twice as large interior.
  • Desert Obelisk - available to build through the Wizard. Lets you teleport to Calico Desert.

Village Buildings / Area

  • Quarry Mine - A new cave located beside the quarry with new monsters and an obtainable Golden Scythe inside.
  • Movie Theatre - can be unlock by Joja for 500,000g, or a bundle from Community Center.
  • Caroline's Sun Roof - her private room where she do some gardening, located inside their house.
  • Cat / Dog breeds - you can change your pet's breed in the Wizard's cellar.


  • New Raccoon-like NPC located at the Forest near the sewer back entrance.
  • Desert Trader - trades a variety of items like the Traveling Cart.

Game Interface & Controls

  • Added ‘advanced crafting info’ option which shows more info on the crafting menu (including number of times crafted and the number of each ingredient available).
  • Added OST files for new music tracks.
  • Added notification when a tool being upgraded is ready.
  • Added ability to reread received letters anytime via the collections tab.
  • Changed interaction cursor when pointing at farm animals you haven’t pet today.
  • You can now construct/move farm buildings onto tilled dirt and tree seeds.
  • You can now stack craftable items in inventories (like kegs or furnaces).
  • Queen of Sauce reruns will now choose an already-aired recipe that a player doesn’t know.
  • Added ability to rotate the toolbar (using Tab and Ctrl+Tab by default).


Created by cakeboy.