Stardew Valley – New Content Overview (Update 1.4)

Stardew Valley - New Content Overview (Update 1.4)
Stardew Valley - New Content Overview (Update 1.4)

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An overview of the most notable content in 1.4 patch. This guide contains spoilers.

Character & Skills

Note: Credit goes to cakeboy

The Forester profession now causes 25% more wood to drop from trees/stumps/logs, instead of raising the value of wood by 50%.

A new Emily heart event will now unlock a sewing machine and let you craft a lot of different clothes.


  • Rice Sapling – obtainable from fishing loot and monster drops (abundant in the new Quarry mine).
  • Sunflower Honey.
  • Tea bushes, Tea Leaves and Green Tea – sapling is obtainable from Caroline heart event in her new room.
  • Auto-Grabbers now work in the coop too.
  • Wheat now has a 40% chance to also drop hay on harvest.


  • Caviar – can be made from Sturgeon Roe through the preserves jar.
  • Looms can now produce multiple cloths when higher-quality items are input.
  • Dinosaur Mayo – made from dino eggs. Base sell price is 800g.


New Fishes


  • Added 4 new monster eradication goals & prizes.
  • A quarry mineshaft dungeon with new Haunted Skull and Sludge monsters.
  • Prehistoric floors in the Skull Cavern with a new Pepper Rex monster.
  • Rare alternative levels in the 1–120 mines after unlocking the quarry similar to the quarry mineshaft dungeon.


New Recipes


  • Mini-Jukebox – recipe can be learned from Gus’ heart event.
  • Grass – recipe can be bought at Pierre’s.
  • Tree Fertilizer – recipe is skill unlockable.
  • Wilted Bouquet (crafted from a Bouquet).
  • Warp Totem: Desert – lets you teleport to Calico Desert instantly.
  • Wild Bait (improved) – there’s a chance for you to catch 2 fishes when you equip this bait.


  • Golden Scythe – can be obtained in the Quarry Mine dungeon.
  • Trash Can Upgrade from Clint (gives 15-60% of trashed items’ value as money).
  • Auto-grabber now works inside coops.


  • Mini-Fridges – sold by Robin. More cooking ingredients storage.
  • Workbench – sold by Robin. Craft and automatically searches for materials when placed adjacent to a chest.
  • Wood Chipper – sold by Robin. Lets you break down Hard Wood for regular wood.
  • Squid Ink – monster drop (I got one from Squid Kid).
  • Crab Ring – +5 Defense, Adventure Guild reward.
  • Dark Sword – Monster drop from Haunted Skull in Quarry Cave. 30-40dmg, -5 Speed, +5 weight.
  • Artifact Trove – can be bought from the Desert Trader for 3 Omni Geodes. Contains random treasure, can be processed by a blacksmith.
  • Secret Notes – two new secret notes obtainable from monster drops.

Farm, Town Buildings, & NPCs

Farm Buildings

  • Fishing Pond – available to build through Robin. Can let you breed fish and farm roe.
  • Shed Upgrade – available to build through Robin. Twice as large interior.
  • Desert Obelisk – available to build through the Wizard. Lets you teleport to Calico Desert.

Village Buildings / Area

  • Quarry Mine – A new cave located beside the quarry with new monsters and an obtainable Golden Scythe inside.
  • Movie Theatre – can be unlock by Joja for 500,000g, or a bundle from Community Center.
  • Caroline’s Sun Roof – her private room where she do some gardening, located inside their house.
  • Cat / Dog breeds – you can change your pet’s breed in the Wizard’s cellar.


  • New Raccoon-like NPC located at the Forest near the sewer back entrance.
  • Desert Trader – trades a variety of items like the Traveling Cart.

Game Interface & Controls

  • Added ‘advanced crafting info’ option which shows more info on the crafting menu (including number of times crafted and the number of each ingredient available).
  • Added OST files for new music tracks.
  • Added notification when a tool being upgraded is ready.
  • Added ability to reread received letters anytime via the collections tab.
  • Changed interaction cursor when pointing at farm animals you haven’t pet today.
  • You can now construct/move farm buildings onto tilled dirt and tree seeds.
  • You can now stack craftable items in inventories (like kegs or furnaces).
  • Queen of Sauce reruns will now choose an already-aired recipe that a player doesn’t know.
  • Added ability to rotate the toolbar (using Tab and Ctrl+Tab by default).


  • Added Four Corners farm map (meant for co-op, divides the land into four areas with their own perks).
  • Added experimental support for letting farmhands move buildings. Use the /movebuildingpermission command to toggle between on (farmhands can move any building), owned (they can move their own cabins or buildings they’ve built themselves), or off (default).
  • Added optional separate money in multiplayer.
  • Each player can now build a separate cellar.
  • The reward for completing the Bulletin Board bundle is now applied to all players in multiplayer.


Tailoring lets you create your own clothing. The crafting consist of two base items, the cloth made from wool and the spool. The spool could be anything from monster loot, fruits, vegetables, etc. Experimentation is highly advisable to discover a variety of items. Some of the recipes are available in the wiki.

To the right of the sewing machine you’ll find 6 dyeing bowls that will ask you to place a colored item each, it can be any item as long as the color matches the bowl. After placing the corresponding items you’ll get a dye that will let you change the color of your clothing.

To unlock it, you need to make wool in your farm and Emily will then visit you the next day telling you that you can now use her sewing machine in her house.

Tip: You can also change the look of footwear and still keep the stats it gives. To do this place the base model shoes/boots in the cloth slot, and place the other footwear that you want to keep the stats with in the spool slot.

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