Minecraft Earth – Starting Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Minecraft Earth - Starting Guide (Tips and Tricks)
Minecraft Earth - Starting Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Minecraft Earth Guides:

Starting Tips

Although it’s in early access, there’s quite a bit to do in Minecraft Earth. And it can be daunting at first, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, this guide covered with all the things to do first in Minecraft Earth.

Create a Character

After that, you can get started with the game’s character creation tool. There are lots of different features you can choose from like eyes, skin colors, and various facial features. Aside from that, you’ll notice lots of cosmetics that can be purchased with Minecoins. These can be purchased with real world currency.

There are certain cosmetics that are free like pants and shirts, but most of the ones available must be purchased with Minecoins.

Go Exploring

The bulk of Minecraft Earth’s gameplay will see you walking around the real world, exploring and taking in your surroundings. When you open up the app, you’ll be bombarded with lots of Tappables around you like trees, chests, and creatures known as Mobs.

To make the most out of Minecraft Earth, interact with as many objects around you as possible. Keep in mind, they respawn after a few minutes, so there should be no shortage of Tappables to collect.

This is also how you’ll be gathering items and leveling up, so get out there and explore!

Experiment With Item Creation

After you’ve collected some items and resources in the world, head to the crafting menu to see what you can make. With the more elaborate items, you’ll have to collect rare items, so make sure you’re exploring as much as possible.

You’ll notice a crafting section that allows you to make things like weapons, tools, and various building materials. But there’s also a smelting section that will let you use fuel to create other items.

In order to actually use these items, you’ll need to lay down a Buildplate, which is covered below.

Lay Down a Buildplate

Once you’re ready, head to the Buildplate menu to experiment with the various types of pre-made creations the game has to offer. You’ll need to activate the game’s AR mode to simulate placing the Buildplate in the real world.

Here, you’ll be able to explore the Buildplate and interact with it by adding or removing blocks or other items. Think of it like a default starting point for you to expand upon.

Take a Look at the Challenges

Throughout your quest to earn XP and level up, you’ll definitely want to check out the game’s Challenges. These will give you a variety of tasks that involve building, placing blocks, exploring, and collecting items.

Make sure you check out the Daily, Weekly, Career, and Event Challenges to see all the different opportunities you have to earn XP and other items.

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