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Minecraft Earth - How to Play with Friends

Nov 17, 2019    

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How to Play with Friends in Minecraft Earth

Much like the original Minecraft, you can play with friends in Minecraft Earth. If you click the second to last option on the bottom of the screen (the one with the sign), you'll see an option to invite friends.

Alternatively, you can do it directly from a Buildplate. Press "Invite Friend" to generate a QR code that can be scanned by nearby players to join. From here, you can play like you'd expect. Both players can interact with the Buildplate similar to the original Minecraft.

If you invite a player to tabletop Build mode, they can destroy and take things from your creation, so you'll want to make sure you invite friends you trust. Play in life-size Play mode if you want to goof off with strangers, since nothing in this mode is saved.

There is no system in place, currently, that lets you set rules or stop players from griefing your Buildplates. The nice thing is that players cannot join your Buildplate without an invite.

Friends do need to be near you in order to play, so keep that in mind when organizing multiplayer sessions. If the host leaves, all other players will be disconnected.