Minecraft Earth – How to Build

Minecraft Earth - How to Build
Minecraft Earth - How to Build

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How to Build Guide

Building in Minecraft Earth works similarly to the way it does in the original Minecraft. However, there are a few substantial differences that might aren’t explained as well as you might hope.


For starters, you’ll need to lay down a Buildplate to initiate the building process. From the Buildplate menu, you’ll notice several different options, most of which are locked behind various level requirements. Pick whichever one you fancy and you’ll be taken to the AR section of the game.

At this point, you’ll be able to simulate placing the piece of land in the real world using your phone’s camera. Then, you can enter the Blockplate and get to building.

Here, you’ll be able to add blocks, remove them, or interact with other objects in the world, much like the original game. Only this time, you’ll be walking around in real life, giving you a sense of space in the structures you create.

Can I Resize the Buildplates?

After you’ve put down a Buildplate, you might be wanting to resize your creation. Sadly there isn’t a way to do this as of update 0.7.0. However, picking Freeplay mode will result in larger Buildplates.

Mojang also will be introducing larger Buildplates in the future, so stay tuned for that. Currently, the two sizes are 8×8 and 16×16.

Is There a Way to Report Offensive Structures?

Since Minecraft Earth allows players the freedom of creating whatever their hearts desire, there is the possibility that some…questionable structures will make their way into the game. If you see user-created content that is offensive you can report it via the game itself. Be sure to have information such as the player’s Xbox Gamertag and the location of the structure in question.

Can I Transfer a Build from Minecraft to Minecraft Earth?

As of update 0.7.0, there is no way to transfer builds from the original Minecraft to Minecraft Earth. However, Mojang has implemented a way to use skins from Minecraft in Minecraft Earth. If you click on your character, you can select from any skins you own in vanilla Minecraft.

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