Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest – Combat Tips and Tricks

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest - Combat Tips and Tricks
Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest - Combat Tips and Tricks

Combat Tips and Tricks

Warlords and Champions

Each army may field 1 Warlord and 1 Champion in battle, but can potentially have neither. Warlords and Champions will always use their most powerful attacks in combat and can bring powerful bonuses to your army.

Champion Rescuing

If your Champion is captured by an enemy, then it’s time to summon your allies! Create your largest Warband and retaliate against your enemy! Winning battles against any enemy who holds captive Champions has a chance to release them.

Battle Length

When you battle an army, the combat will consist of 3 turns. In each turn, every unit (which is both alive and not broken) will attack the enemy. The army that begins combat will always fight first.


As damage is dealt to your enemy in combat, any single unit type which takes more than 25% casualties in a single turn will be required to take a morale test. Failed morale tests will result in some of the units becoming broken for one turn.


Broken units are either retreating from battle or attempting to regroup. They cannot fight in combat and take bonus damage from ranged attacks as they are scattered and unorganised.

Unit Tier

Every champion, warlord and troop type have a combat tier. When in combat units will receive a combat bonus for battling units at a lower tier, while there will be a combat penalty for attacking higher tier units. The difference in strength between a few tiers can be significant.

Damage Layering

When your army deals damage to an enemy army, it is always against the lowest unit tier within that army first. This is due to your highest tier units ensuring your lowest tier units are on the front lines, essentially making them fodder for your enemy to battle through.

Damage Ordering

Within each combat tier, the units will always receive damage in the following order: Defenses > Melee Troops > Ranged Troops > Broken Troops. After all defences and troops are defeated, the damage is then dealt to any Warlord, followed finally by the Champion if they are present.


In an attack which targets a Fortress with defenses, the defenses will attack in every turn in which they survive. Defenses also cannot fail morale roles as in most cases they are inanimate objects.

Melee and Ranged

All troops have a preferred attack type be it ranged or melee and this is visible on their profile. If at any combat tier your army has no defences or melee troops, then your ranged troops at this tier must use their melee stats as they are being charged and locked into melee combat.

Hellcannons Emplacements

The Hellcannon emplacements built within the Fortress release a mighty barrage against enemy attackers on turn one only. However, they will only fire if supported by defending units. If the Fortress is empty then the cannons cannot fire. War Camps also have Hellcannon Emplacements that behave in the same way.

Unit Stats

Units have a number of stats that can be viewed in the various training buildings within the Fortress, tapping on one of these stats will display further combat information.

Battle Reports

Battle reports show an overall summary of all 3 turns of combat, with total kills and deaths counter for both armies. The victor of the battle is the player who inflicted the biggest power loss.

Preventing Attacks/Scouts

Once an enemy has sent a march to attack or scout you, there are certain items that can help protect you. A Shield will instantly cancel their scout or attack march and send them back, it will also prevent players from attacking, scouting or forming a Warband on your Chaos Keep. Activating a Deceptive Shroud will return any incoming scouts and prevent any new scouts from being sent to your Chaos Keep. Teleporting will result in any incoming attacking, scouting or Warband march to instantly resolve.

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