Estranged – Master Marksman Achievement Guide

Estranged - Master Marksman Achievement Guide
Estranged - Master Marksman Achievement Guide

How to get the Master Marksman Achievement, currently the only achievement available in Estranged: Act 2.

Master Marksman

Here’s how to get the Master Marksman achievement easily, and earn the only achievement so far available in this game:

  • Open the game, and in the Main Menu press Extras, then Shooting Range. 
  • Go through the door to the right of the gate with the lock on it. 
  • Grab the gun on the Shooting Range booth, but DON’T grab the bullets there if you can help it. 
  • Load your gun with some of the big cartons of bullets on the table. 
  • Press R to reload your gun, to make sure its fully loaded. If it’s not, grab more bullets. 
  • Go back to the booth at the shooting range with bullets on it, where you got the gun from. 
  • Shoot one of the targets to start the Shooting Range course. If I remember correctly, you will have 30 seconds to get at least 30 points. 
  • Try to shoot as many of the targets as you can as they pop up before they go back down, and preferably aim for the red dot at the center of each one. You won’t be able to see or shoot the target on the far right, so just ignore it when it pops up. 
  • Your clip will run out of bullets after every 15 shots, forcing you to reload it. Periodically check your bullet count at the top-right corner of your screen, so you can better time your reloads. 
  • If you completely run out of bullets, grab some more on the booth, or if you grabbed all of those, grab some cartridges off the table and run back. Either way, you’ll have to reload your gun afterward. 
  • If you’re a decent shot, you should get 30 points, and by extension the achievement, before you run out of bullets. I got 32 on my first try.

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