Awesomenauts – Skolldir Guide

Awesomenauts - Skolldir Guide
Awesomenauts - Skolldir Guide

Details on how to build and play as a Skolldir, your role in a team, in addition to tricks and techniques to help incrase your skill level as a skolldir player!

Introduction and Techniques for Skolldir

Hello! Welcome back to another Awesomenauts guide! Today, we will be looking over the fists of fury, Skolldir, by the request of a community member! Lets jump in!

Tips and Tricks for Skolldir

Before I go into the tricks and tips, I would like to show how the bouncer mechanics work with Skolldir’s earthquakes:

As shown in the video, Skolldir’s Earthquake will not stop the movement from the bouncer’s momentum, unless you move slightly or jump. Understanding this will make some of these tricks significantly more clear and easier to preform.

Earthquake Throw: This is somewhat self-explanatory, you earthquake down from a high position, then immediately when you land, use your throw. Note that this can be done without using a bouncer, you will just need to be in a high position. Make sure when you land, you’re in range for your throw. If you have snarequake, this wouldnt be a problem.

Poking with Earthquake: The idea of this trick is to poke them by inflicting DoT (Damage over time) from your earthquake. This can be done by goining down a ledge or a bouncer, earthquake, then get out. Some maps like Sorona, you just need to take the bouner and earthquake. Most important thing is that you don’t move or jump during this process, so you dont risk falling down.

Have third punch ready: This is a small tip but really helps in preparing for a stun punch into a throw. When youre at your tower and waiting for the perfect time to go in, constantly do your two small punchs, then stop right before your third goes. By doing so, you can lower the opponent’s guard and allow you to choose when to go in. If an enemy comes in too close or an ally comes, youre immediately ready for your third stun punch.

Solar boss is a health bank: By using range on AA and heal on AA, you can use solar boss as a health bank. This trick only applies to Ribbit.

Note: On any map, make sure if youre getting heal on AA, you always hit the creep with your third punch so you heal from the upgrade and the creep itself.

You can use these techniques in numerous different types of ways, make sure to be creative! If you kept doing the same combo over and over again, your opponent will learn to counter. So dont forget to mix it up every once and a while!

Build Order and How to Use

My personal build order:

Awesomenauts - Skolldir Guide

Rubby Ducky (Stun on AA) and Flaming Fists (Range on AA): Stun on AA is byfar the most important upgrade ever on a Skolldir becaue of its numerous applications and well, stun. Many question why I get range on AA early–it makes landing stun punch –> throw combo significantly easier and helps you secure kills.

Perfumed White Flowers (Heal on third AA hit): Insanely good early and late game due to its extraordinary sustain. Rather than going back to base, you can use the third punch to kill creeps so you gain additional health, or simply hit droids while defending to regain all your lost health. This upgrade works extremely well with Oily (Faster AA speed after landing throw).

League 7 Boots (Boots) and Oily Spray (Faster AA after successful throw): These two upgrades work well together. With boots, it will grant you 5% more mobility speed, 41% extra speed for 2.1 seconds after landing a throw. Oily will give you 60% extra attack speed for 2.1 seconds. For those who didnt catch on yet, the extra boost of speed will help you with positioning for your rapid fire of throws, and it will also help you escape.

Electric Hammer (snarequake) w/ Volcano (Height on Quake) and Couch (Distance on quake): Unless you are building skolldir to be a brawler for some reason, these are the upgrades you would want to go with. Skolldir rely on his allys and his ability to lock his enemies and reposition an enemy that will give him an advantage. By having height and distance on earthquake on your side, its very easy to go in or lock someone with the snare. If youre having trouble with opponents getting behind you through a dash such as Frog, Dizzy, or penny, you could replace height on earthquake for stone twins (backwards earthquakes). This is situational and may influence how you approach an opponent.

Cortexiphan Shake (Slow on Throw) and Power Briefs (Base dmg on throw): Personally, I find slow to be alot more effective than cooldown or ghome on throw. With slow, it will allow you to secure kills of faster and more agile enemies, it also helps your team finish of the kills. In addition to that, it will allow you to chain lock significantly easier, due to their already limited movement. If you and your team lacks damage, then slow can be replaced with Homeless Ghome (exploding ghome).

Skolldir is mainly a support naut and can become a brawler in some situations. My main tip i would like to give is: just because you can land a throw, doesnt mean you should. As a Skolldir, you are the initiator, you need to determine whether or not your team is capable in securing a kill from your throw. Sometimes, you will have to take risks that you dont feel safe in order to be out of the stalemate situation. Make sure you practice the basics and coordinate with your team!

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