Code Vein – Gameplay Tips

Code Vein - Gameplay Tips
Code Vein - Gameplay Tips

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The dangerous enemies of Code Vein can pose a tremendous challenge for you, along with the complexities of the combat system, and the non-linear world. Below are a variety of Tips and Tricks to help you get through as easily as possible.

Tips and Tricks

  • One of the main hurdles inexperienced players have issues with has to do with the game’s rhythm and timing. It’s important to identify enemy movements and wait to strike in between attack animations. As such, never strike an enemy as soon as you encounter them. Instead, grab their attention, wait for them to come to you, and let them attack so you can watch their movements. You should notice a pattern in their attacks, so just strike after the animation is finished.
  • While it’s recommended to explore thoroughly, if you see a Mistle in the distance, it’s sometimes a good idea to bolt towards it as quickly as possible and then backtrack to cover the unexplored sections. This way, you can bank your Haze and have fewer risks when backtracking. This trick isn’t always applicable, but running through a section can sometimes save your life.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different weapon/armor/Blood Codes. It’s easy to get attached to a certain loadout, but you’d be surprised how switching things up can help you. Certain enemies are very fast, so coming equipped with light armor can be beneficial. Likewise, slower enemies might be better to deal with when you have heavier, stronger weapons.
  • You can switch out your companions at your Home Base. Certain companions are – much like weapons and armor – better in different scenarios. Although Yakumo Shinonome is a tank and is versatile in most situations.
  • Don’t be afraid to retreat to the closest Mistle to level up and return to Home Base to upgrade weapons.
  • Backstabbing is highly useful, but the game can be finicky with registering it. Ideally, you’d get right behind an enemy and press the attack button, but many times it doesn’t seem to register. However, it’s good to try to execute a backstab because it gives you invincibility frames so other enemies can’t attack you during the animation.
  • Pay attention to your companion’s dialogue because they will often notify you of useful things like nearby enemies, danger, or hidden items.
  • Do your best to collect all Vestiges before you fight that section’s Successor.
  • It’s a good idea to trade items with the NPCs at your Home Base. Some of them have extremely useful items. Likewise, make sure you explore a lot so you have numerous items to trade.
  • Pay attention to your Blood Codes. There are a ton of them that are easy to overlook that might be useful to you. Take a look at the menus and see what works best for you.

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