Code Vein – The Virgin Born (Final Boss Guide)

Code Vein - The Virgin Born (Final Boss Guide)
Code Vein - The Virgin Born (Final Boss Guide)

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The final boss of the game, The Virgin Born can be found in the Gaol of the Stagnant Blood area in Code Vein.


  • Purple AOE charge attack (very deadly)
  • Aerial slam
  • Long-ranged blast
  • Black hole


The game’s final boss can be quite troublesome, simply due to its size and range of its attacks. So if you’re having trouble with The Virgin Born, please see tips below for strategies on how to take this boss down.

As soon as the fight starts, it’s a good idea to take note of which attack the boss will do, so you don’t get off on the wrong foot. Sometimes, it’ll just jump towards you, and other times, it’ll shoot various long-ranged attacks. Based on what it does, you’ll want to act accordingly.

If it jumps up, roll under it and get to the other end to avoid damage. Otherwise, if it shoots long-ranged attacks, dodge left or right to stay safe. Once the initial attack is out of the way, you can proceed with the strategy for this fight.

The main strategy is to stay behind the boss and attack its back legs. Now, you’ll notice that this does a fraction of the damage, but it will keep you safe. If you get an opportunity, run to its front for a few quick attacks and then run to its back to stay in the clear.

From here, there are only a few moves to watch out for. It’ll jump and move around a lot, so you’ll need to keep up with it as this happens. Keep rolling under it to its back legs and when you see an opening, attack its front.

If it jumps in the air, roll out of the way and do your best to avoid it landing on you. This is hit or miss, but if you time it right, you might be able to roll through the attack.

When the ground lights up purple, get out of the way immediately, pretty much as far away as you can. Once this AOE attack finishes, you’ll want to be aware of the same attacks at the start of the fight. Do your best to close the gap and get back under its legs.

At some point, it’ll float up in the air and shoot long-ranged blasts at you. For this, try to roll around to the back of the boss, if at all possible. You can kind of steer the attack in one direction and then roll away in the opposite direction. When it lands, run back to its legs and keep attacking.

If the boss generates a black hole, do your best to roll away. Try not to attack during this phase, since it’s kind of tough to outlast the black hole to begin with.

It is possible to just focus on the front of the enemy, but it’s far more risky. It’s best to stick behind it and play the long game.

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