Code Vein – Skull King (Boss Guide)

Code Vein - Skull King (Boss Guide)
Code Vein - Skull King (Boss Guide)

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The Skull King boss can be found in the Gaol of the Stagnant Blood area in Code Vein.


  • Dual sword dash
  • Wide horizontal swings
  • Jumping dual sword smash
  • AOE red tornado attack
  • Quick horizontal slash
  • Red long-range cross attack
  • Variations of all melee attacks with increased damage and range


The Skull King boss fight will definitely test your skills and is a worthy successor to the game’s final boss. So if you’re stuck, we are here to help.

The main challenge with this fight is how much health Skull King has. It takes a while to bring him down, even with a level 10 weapon, so be prepared for a long fight.

Bringing as many buffs as possible is a good idea. Anything to buff your damage output as well as your defense is a good idea to have. You’ll want to play this fight very carefully and a lot more cautiously than normal. Bring a companion to help if you get stuck.

Much like many bosses, you’ll want to attack in between the enemy’s animations. Typically, you can get a few attacks in, roll away, wait for him to start attacking, and jump back in after he’s finished.

One combo the boss tends to do a lot is a double sword attack, followed by an areal smash. After this, he’s vulnerable for a short while, so you can get a few attacks in. It’s best to roll into him to avoid the first two attacks, and if you time it right, he’ll jump right over you and land with his back to you.

If you get caught in one of the boss’ combos, guard and hope for the best. As soon as his combo is over, get behind him and attack as much as you can. Almost every one of the Skull King’s attacks can be telegraphed ahead of time, so just watch for the wind up, back away, and strike afterwards.

Once you get him down to around half health or so, he’ll start to perform variations of all his melee attacks, but with added damage and range. So, use the same tactics as before, but be sure to give some extra space between the two of you.

The other thing to watch out for is his AOE red tornado attack, wherein you’ll take a lot of damage if you stay close. Just look out for him to sort of stagger and appear like he’s going down. He’ll then generate a huge tornado around him that causes lots of damage.

The main idea here is to dodge through his attacks, but to do so at the right time, so you avoid everything. If you just dodge sporadically, it won’t go as well as you’d hope.

Experiment with weapons and armor to figure out what works best for you.

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