Mistover – How to Defeat Great Worm (Boss)

Mistover - How to Defeat Great Worm (Boss)
Mistover - How to Defeat Great Worm (Boss)

In this guide i am gonna show your how you can defeat the Great Worm (Mist Forest Boss) this maybe is not the best way but i did it twice like this on Hard and Normal Difficult.

Team Build and Exploration Bag

Note: Credit goes to NightBoyPlays [YT]

Mistover - How to Defeat Great Worm (Boss)

I used this team build because i can deal damage to multiple enemies, heal and tank.

  • Witch hitting multiple enemies.
  • Sister for Healing.
  • Paladin for Tank.
  • Werewolf and Ronin Damage and Support.

Before the Battle

The first thing you wanna do before you enter the Battle is fill your HP and MP until it’s maxed out so you can use your abilities.

Entering the Battle

After you enter the battle first thing you wanna do is use your Provoke with your Paladin so she is gonna tank some of the attack.

I only got HP equip for her so she gets the most health in my team.

First of all before you only attack the boss kill his minions so you have more time to heal or buff your team.

Mistover - How to Defeat Great Worm (Boss)

After you killed all of them except maybe one or two use your Paladin’s Holy Guard on one of your teammates so you can take the hit for him / her and reflect some damage.

Why try to get the focus on your Paladin?

She survives with 1 HP before she hits 0 and enters limbo state.

A second method is to use yours Ronin’s coop skill with your paladin so everyone gets a shild to prevent 1 attack from dealing any damage.

Spawning Worms

After he is digging his hole try to destroy it as fast as possible so no more worms are gonna spawn.

Mistover - How to Defeat Great Worm (Boss)

He is building up a Guard boost but you can simple remove it with the Witch’s ability Dispel✭Magic.

Strong Boss Attack

After the boss is getting in the ground you can’t attack him and can simply attack all the minions and clear the field again.

After he is getting up again he is gonna release a strong attack that is possibly is gonna set a char into the Limbo state(0 HP) the only one who can survive it is the Paladin she is gonna survive with 1 HP so you have to use Provoke so the chance for him to attack you is higher (if you level up the skill the chance he is attacking the paladin is getting higher).

And if you still have a turn you can use Holy Guard on one teammate so if he is maybe attack this char you defend the attack is gonna hit the paladin with a reflection to hit the boss with some damage.

Attack the Boss

After the Boss released his strong attack you can attack him with your full team while healing your paladin back up with your healer (Sister) or Divine Hands (Paladins ability). 

Mistover - How to Defeat Great Worm (Boss)

For this is use Ronin and the Werewolf they both can brand the Boss and after you hit him with the debuff use the Werewolfs ability Onslaught so you can dealt some extra damage with his attack.


Most of the enemies and the boss self are probably gonna let you bleed so try to build up some bleed resistance so you can try to prevent it becuase the boss bleeding with one attack can be high (3×54 for example)while it can stack.

If you start bleeding you can use your Bandage or your Sister’s Ability Stable Cloud to stop the bleeding.

Spending Money

Don’t try to spend all of your money for equipment after you defeated the boss and gove report about the quest you don’t get any money only some books to upgrade some stuff.

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