Code Vein – Queen’s Knight Reborn (Boss Guide)

Code Vein - Queen's Knight Reborn (Boss Guide)
Code Vein - Queen's Knight Reborn (Boss Guide)

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The Queen’s Knight Reborn boss fight can be found in the Provisional Government Outskirts area in Code Vein.


  • Shield Bash
  • Horizontal slash followed by overhead slam
  • Jump back slash
  • Double jump slam
  • Dash attack
  • Spin attack
  • Green AOE matter


If you’re having trouble with the Queen’s Knight Reborn boss fight, not to worry – we have you covered with all the tips, tricks, and strategies you’ll need to get through the fight.

You can telegraph the boss’ attacks with little trouble, especially during its first phase. Your main goal here is to roll through its combos and get behind it to dish out damage. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but once you get a sense for the boss’ combos, you can get the timing down for rolling through its attacks.

With most of the boss’ melee attacks, you can either roll through them or side step to get behind the boss. When you see the boss raise its arm for an attack, get ready to roll.

Eventually, when you get the boss down to about 60% health, it will start teleporting around the arena. This is a bit tougher to predict, so you’ll want to just dodge around until it stops teleporting.

The same basic strategy will apply here: As soon as the boss is finished teleporting, run up and get in a few attacks. It’s important not to get greedy with your attacks, because the boss can initiate a combo out of nowhere.

The boss will eventually emit a green AOE substance that you’ll want to avoid. Simply stay far back enough while this happens and wait for it to disappear. Once it goes away, run in for an attack or two.

You’ll want to take advantage of the moments when the boss is stunned – Either to deal damage or heal. It’s a fast-moving boss, so finding opportunities to heal can be difficult.

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