Code Vein – Successor of the Breath (Boss Guide)

Code Vein - Successor of the Breath (Boss Guide)
Code Vein - Successor of the Breath (Boss Guide)

Code Vein Guides:

Head to in the Ridge of Frozen Souls area of Code Vein to find the Successor of the Breath boss.


  • Leaping slam
  • Shield bash
  • Spinning shield smash
  • He’ll also shoot an icicle out of the ground that hits hard
  • Icicle diagonal slash
  • Running headbutt
  • Punching combo (after he throws his shield)
  • He’ll shoot up into the air and smash down, causing AOE damage


The Successor of the Breath boss fight can be quite challenging, so we are here to help walk you through the steps to take it down.

Despite its size, this boss likes to dodge and move around a lot, so it’s a good idea to wear some lightweight armor, yourself. It may be intimidating to do that since he hits so hard, but you’ll benefit from the speed.

When the boss jumps towards you, dodge left or right and quickly run behind it to get some attacks in. Also, be careful not to get too greedy with your strikes because it can initiate an attack faster than you might expect.

If you see the boss raise its shield, dodge left or right, just like you would with its jumping attack. Again, attack from behind. Same with its icicle attack: If you see it stab its antlers in the ground, roll behind it and attack during this animation while avoiding the icicle that comes from the ground.

After it starts spinning around, there isn’t a whole lot you can do, so back away and wait for the animation to finish.

Eventually, it will ditch the shield and start punching you, unleashing attacks even faster than before. It will also try to hit you with a diagonal icicle slash. For that move, you can roll into the boss to get closer while avoiding the slash.

If it spreads both arms out and begins to charge at you, roll through the attack and be aware of a possible follow-up move. The boss can sometimes unleash a punching combo, too, so back away to avoid this.

It will also sometimes shoot up into the air and slam back down to cause AOE damage. If this happens, back up as much as you can because the spread is wide.

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