Code Vein – Gilded Hunter (Boss Guide)

Code Vein - Gilded Hunter (Boss Guide)
Code Vein - Gilded Hunter (Boss Guide)

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The Gilded Hunter boss is located in the Ashen Cavern area of Code Vein.


  • Spinning slice
  • AOE blast
  • Quick Dash
  • Long-ranged red wave attack


Gilded Hunter is one of the more challenging fights in the game, especially solo. We are here to help with tips and trick to get you through the battle as easily as possible.

With most of the boss fights in the game, you can get by with little to no blocking, but when facing off against Gilded Hunter, you’ll want to utilize the blocking mechanic a lot more. That’s because this boss is super aggressive and doesn’t let up much.

For this fight, it’s recommended to fight aggressively. If you take things slowly, you might get caught in a combo and get killed before you know it.

When the boss executes its spinning attack, you’ll need to roll into him. Sometimes, he follows up that attack with another melee strike, so you might have to roll twice.

The boss will also lift up his arm and charge up an AOE attack. When you see this, back away immediately. This is a great opportunity to heal, since the animation lasts a while.

You’ll also want to dodge forward diagonally when the boss uses its quick dash attack towards you. Again, be aware of a possible followup strike. Additionally, the boss will shoot long-ranged red waves at you, which you can avoid by rolling to the left or right.

Again, you can use this as a moment to heal if you’re quick. Or run up to the boss from the side and dish out a few quick strikes. One of the tough parts of this fight has to do with how aggressive the boss is. It doesn’t give you many opportunities to heal, so do your best to only heal during the boss’ long animations.

If you get caught in a combo, hold down the block button and get away as soon as the animation is complete.

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