Code Vein – Successor of the Claw (Boss Guide)

Code Vein - Successor of the Claw (Boss Guide)
Code Vein - Successor of the Claw (Boss Guide)

Code Vein Guides:

To find the Successor of the Claw boss, go to the City of Falling Flame area of Code Vein.


  • Flaming tail whip
  • Single swipe
  • Dash
  • Flaming AOE
  • Long range flaming burst


After the last fight against Gilded Hunter, the Successor of the Claw will likely feel like a breath of fresh air in terms of difficulty. Still, you might have trouble facing off against this flaming cat-like creature, so we have you covered with tips on how to take this beast down.

The nice thing about this boss is that it’s a lot slower than many of the other bosses you’ve faced thus far. Because of this, it’s easy to tell what moves it’ll do beforehand.

If you stick close by, you can avoid some of its more troublesome attacks, so do your best to close the gap between you and the creature. The one move you constantly have to look out for is the beast’s tail whip when you’re up close. You can just block it to take minimal damage, or just roll through it. If you have heavy armor, even taking the damage isn’t the end of the world.

It’ll try rushing towards you, so when it does that, roll through the attack and get back up close.

Eventually, the boss will back up and initiate a flaming AOE attack. You can see when the boss is doing this by looking out for a glowing orange aura. From here wait for the explosion to finish and then rush in to strike again.

If it shoots flames at you from afar, block or roll through them and get back up close to deal more damage. Despite being a cat, she isn’t as fast as other bosses, so you should be able to use heavy armor and still catch up to it with ease.

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