Code Vein – Blade Bearer and Cannoneer (Boss Guide)

Code Vein - Blade Bearer and Cannoneer (Boss Guide)
Code Vein - Blade Bearer and Cannoneer (Boss Guide)

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The Blade Bearer and Cannoneer boss fight can be found in the Crypt Spire area of Code Vein.


Blade Bearer

  • Close-up frost AOE pillars
  • Super fast dash
  • Charged frosty thrust
  • Regular melee attacks


  • Close-up AOE attack
  • Long-range fireball
  • Melee strike
  • Flamethrower attack
  • Pillars of Fire


This boss fight is arguably the hardest in the game because you have two enemies to take on at once. It’s highly recommended to bring a companion along for this one. Either way, we are here to help with a strategy to get through the Blade Bearer and Cannoneer boss fight.

You can choose to take on either one first, but it’s better to kill Blade Bearer since she tends to be all over the place. The Cannoneer’s moves are easier to dodge, so you can sort of multitask when working on lowering Blade Bearer’s health.

That said, it’s entirely up to you. If you can manage to take down Cannoneer first, by all means, do so. Another thing you’ll want to do beforehand is buff yourself as much as possible. Depending on your Blood Code, you’ll have various moves at your disposal.

Anything that increases your damage output (and/or your companion’s), decreases the damage you take, and improves your defense against fire/ice will be useful to you. In addition, consumable items might help you, like the Stamina Booster, Ichor Concentrate, and more.

Before you even start the fight, buff yourself (and your companion, if you have one) and be prepared for the hardest boss battle in the game.

It’s a good idea to run in and get both enemies to execute their initial attacks before you strike, because otherwise, you might get hit while in the middle of an attack animation.

Stay on the move and be aware of the Cannoneer’s long range attacks while you lay waste to the Blade Bearer. Try not to let your stamina deplete completely while attacking her, since you may need to quickly roll out of the way of the Cannoneer’s blows.

If you’re using a companion, try to steer the battle close to them so they have a chance of jumping in and attacking the Blade Bearer with you. Otherwise, they might just focus on the Cannoneer, which is somewhat useful, but it’s even better if they can help chip away at the Blade Bearer.

When you see the ground get covered in ice, move out of the way quickly, and heal while the Blade Bearer’s animation finishes. Remember to re-buff yourself when they run out, too.

If you’re lucky, you can completely stun the Blade Bearer and she’ll go down for a few moments, making it easier to get in multiple attacks. Hit her a few times, let your stamina replenish, roll away from the ice AOE attacks and repeat.

It’s also a good idea to wear lighter armor so you can move more quickly, too. Once the Blade Bearer goes down, you can focus on the Cannoeer, who is significantly easier.

By the time you get over to the Cannoneer to finish him off, his health should be lower if you have a companion with you. Attack from behind, and roll away when you see flames appear on the ground. When he uses the flamethrower attack, get behind him and pummel him.

This is an insanely difficult fight, so do everything you can beforehand to buff your character, as well as bringing a high damage weapon and ice/fire defense.

Also, make sure you bring Yakumo with you since he’s a tank.

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