Code Vein – Juzo Mido (Boss Guide)

Code Vein - Juzo Mido (Boss Guide)
Code Vein - Juzo Mido (Boss Guide)

Code Vein Guides:

The Juzo Mido boss can be found in the Crypt Spire area of Code Vein.


  • Four-hit combo
  • AOE spike attack
  • Forward dash strike
  • Three-hit combo
  • Dash with red energy trail attack
  • Black orb attack that spins around you
  • Small red orb that follows you
  • Long-range red slashes


Compared to the fight against Blade Bearer and Cannoneer, this fight is a lot less complicated to get through. However, Juzo Mido is still a difficult foe that hits hard. As such, we are here to help you get past the Juzo Mido boss fight.

The thing about Juzo is that he deals a lot of damage with just one hit. So having heavy armor for this fight is probably a good idea to make things easier. You’ll also want to bring something with you to buff your weapon with fire, since he’s weak to it.

The other thing to know about this fight is that Juzo is significantly harder after you get him down to about half health. For the first half, do your best to stick behind him while conserving your stamina just in case.

If you have a companion to distract him from the front, even better. You can roll through most of his regular melee attacks, but watch out for his AOE spike attack. He’ll shoot large spikes from the ground that do substantial damage. You can telegraph this move by watching for him to raise his arm up in the air.

When you stun the boss, he’ll go down for a bit and you can use this opportunity to heal, buff yourself, or deal extra damage to him.

Once you get him down to his second phase, he’ll be even harder and have more abilities at his disposal. Mainly, he’ll shoot multiple black orbs at you that follow you around and explode after a while. When the black orbs are around you, back away and wait for them to disappear. Dodging away seems to help with this, too.

He’ll also start to dash toward you, leaving a red trail behind from his sword that causes damage. Watch for him to lift his sword in the air briefly, and he’ll start to dash forward. When he does this, back away as much as possible because the attack has a very wide range.

If you stay close to him, you can avoid most of his long-range attacks. He will sometimes dash away from you, putting distance between the two of you and follow it up with a long-range attack. Just close in on him and try to down him again to finish him off.

It’s also a good idea to watch for him to start a combo and dash into him right as the last strike is about to hit. If you time it right, you can dodge through the attack, giving you a chance to get in a few attacks.

Then back away and wait for him to start a combo again. Although, don’t separate too much, because then he’ll start blasting you with his long-range attacks. It’s a tough line to walk, but with the right loadout and buffs, he is beatable.

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